Pennyworth Season 2: A Huge Tie-in With Batman Approaching?

Pennyworth Feature
Action-Adventure series Pennyworth is all set to delve into the real meat and flesh with a reported Batman collaboration imminent.

DC is all set to put on floors the second instalment of Pennyworth very soon. However, the series loyals of the show are already bracing themselves to get a potential link to the future.

For those who don’t know what this show stands for, you’re missing a lot. This series follows a Former British SAS member, Alfred Pennyworth. He forms a security & protection company and goes to work with Batman’s Daddy. Yes that is Bruce Wayne’s father, Thomas Wayne, back in the London of 1960s.

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The story is like the origin story for the Wayne empire, although it isn’t that straight-forward. The protagonist isn’t Bruce Wayne, But it’s is Alfred, portrayed by Jack Bannon.

The second instalment of Pennyworth takes the show closer to a Batman tie-in.

The new revelations and details for season 2:-

The DC FanDome brings the fans closer to the crew than ever before. A panel of creators and cast of Pennyworth were settling qualms directly to and from the fans.

Executive producer Bruno Heller dropped a bombshell announcement during the conclave. While answering the question, he announced that Bruce’s wife, Marth Wayne, is pregnant. It’s almost confirmed that the baby in her womb is Bruce Wayne, THE DARK KNIGHT OF GOTHAM.

Another major revelation is the addition of Lucius Fox from the DC Universe into the series. He is CEO and President of Wayne Enterprises & Foundation, and one of Bruce Wayne’s closest friends.

Reactions to the show after season one:-

Recent DC shows not lived up to expectations, but this is closer to Gotham in its dark, quirky grimness. But less fun and campy, with additions of Jack Ripper, Aleister Crowley and the Queen. Excellent production all-round, stand-out performance from Paloma Faith playing a woman who’s a wee bit mad. If audiences were aware, they’d do the left vs right political dynamic throughout the first instalment.

The writing and acting is absolutely the best in business. However, most people can’t work out if the regular anachronisms are a plot device to emphasize that this is a contemporary world which grows into the Modern Gotham tale.

An incredible cast, although a few of them do prove that a cockney accent may be more difficult for an actor than you might think. Jack Bannon’s impression of Michael Caine is forceful but not cringe, especially as Alfie lives on Micklewhite Avenue. Also, Paloma Faith is wonderfully mental as a sociopathic Bet Sykes.

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