Pennyworth: Is Martha Wayne Not Pregnant with Bruce Baby? SPOILERS!

Pennyworth Season 2

Pennyworth is an American crime drama television series. DC Comics characters mainly inspired the role of this series. Bob Kane and Bill Finger work on as the creators of this series. It first premiered on July 28, 2019, on Epix. The second season for the series remains confirmed officially on October 27, 2019.

Season 2~

Possible SPOLERS!

In Pennyworth Season 2, Martha Wayne will remain shown as a pregnant lady. Many speculate that she’s holding Bruce Wayne in her womb. Who’s the father remains as the central part too!

Pennyworth Martha Wayne
Martha Wayne!

But, having Bruce might not be the only option. She might have Lincoln March, the Dark Knight‘s brother, in her womb.

Bruce and Lincoln always have fought to the edge. The toughness seemed much more personal. Finally, Lincoln March mentions that he solidifies as Thomas Wayne Jr., Bruce‘s younger brother. Pennyworth will reveal the dark secrets.


According to Lincoln he was born three years after Bruce. This event happened after a car accident which had Martha to go into labour. And hence this left Lincoln in the care of the hospital. After Thomas and Martha’s murder, he became all alone due to the hospital’s lack of funds. He blamed his shortcomings on his elder brother, Bruce. Pennyworth Season 2 will render us with the spices and honest feelings whether they are siblings or strangers.

The plot can also come up with a longer run and hence might even expect a third season.

Pennyworth Season 2~

Pennyworth Martha
Martha Wayne!

Due to the deadly pandemic the filming of Season 2 came to a halt. It started on January 2024, and came to a halt in March 2024. And since then the crew haven’t started with the production. In the recent days they could resume with the shoot.

The Season 2 now remains expected for a release in by the end of this year, 2020.

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