Survivor Pulls Out From The Schedule Of 2024, When Will Return?


Survivor is pulled out from the CBS‘s 2024 list. It is because of the ongoing pandemic. The show is airing from 2000. It is the first time that this show is canceled. They are shooting Season 41. The under-construction show is postponed.

Survivor is a reality competition television show. This show features a group of contestants in an isolated location, where they must provide water, food, shelter, and fire for themselves. The winner is rewarded with cash price. The show is very much accessible, and ratings are good.

In March show is going to release, but due to the Coronavirus, it is not possible to publish. Later we get an update that it will release after summer. Still, the show is not ready.CBS needs to pull out season 41 of Survivor.

What Are The Updates?

The Survivor Show makes a post on twitter about the cancellation. Jeff Prost is the host and executive director of this show. They want to ensure the health and safety of the cast and crew.


The current season is shooting in Fiji. The cases of corona are increasing in all over the world day by day. It is not the right time to pull the show. There are high risk to cast and crew of COVID 19.

It is the first show of 2024, which pulled out of CBS list. It is very turf to shoot in foreign counties. Countries are not accepting proposals of the show. With all the logistics, it becomes more difficult.

When Survivor Will Return?

There are no dates or timing is available now. Jeff says that it is not possible until everything is normal. It is going to take too much time. It also added that the safety and health of the team is the first priority for him.  They are not going out in other countries. If any updates regarding this available, then we will let you know. Jeff is in constant with the Fiji government for the planning.

It airs every Wednesday at 8 pm on CBS. Another show takes this slot. The Amazing Race replace at 8 pm. SEAL Team will now air at nine shifted one hour.

Stay Tuned For More Updates.
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