How Long Does it Take to Level in WoW Classic – 2023 Guide


World of Warcraft is the most famous MMORPG of all time, created by Blizzard. A few million people play it every year.  Playing this serious game can quickly take away that feeling of excitement if you don’t know how to reach level 60. The fact that you’re going to play in vain and that it can last forever is pretty frustrating. You do not benefit from reversals and blockages that will reappear and prevent you from reaching the next level. You will always lose something in the game – money or life. And that is what will make you nervous and make your playing more difficult. However, there is a solution to your problem and it is in the rest of the text.

We can offer you some useful tips that will surely help you achieve your goal. We don’t care if your choice is questing, grinding or running dungeons. What we can offer you is some very important information with which you can go far and finally overcome the blockages. Keep reading to find out how much you need to achieve this as well as everything else.

Be patient


We’re sure you can’t wait to reach this level, but you have to be patient. Things like this will not happen by themselves and you need to invest a lot of time and effort. If you don’t waste a lot of time on many other things, it can take a whole week or even two weeks. So, some other factors, such as battlegrounds or idling about, can also affect the time. Also, this will depend on your lifestyle, because one thing must be clear to you.

When we say that you need 7 days to reach the level, we mean that you use every hour for this purpose. This means that you must not detach from your device in order to start the game really hard. Of course, it’s impossible to get enough sleep, go out with friends, and only occasionally play WoW. If you want to finish in less than two weeks, you have to dedicate yourself completely to the game. Either way, try to stay hydrated, sleepy as much as you can, and eat healthy so you don’t burn out. It will take you away from 60 levels and extend your playing for a few months, but it’s nothing terrible.


When we talk about obstacles that can prolong your playing time, we must mention Shadowlands. They will provide you with some resistance that may cost you a little more time, but don’t worry because this is typical for players who don’t have that much experience. So if you are a beginner. All you have to do is bounce from story quest to story quest in the expansion. This way you will definitely need only a few hours to finish. However, you can improve a lot in this if you use some extras. Some experiences show that they helped a lot in the transition from 50 to 60 levels in this time period.

Since you have to decipher the quest text yourself, this may take some time. So just skip all that nonsense and grab that plugin. Once you have it, you will know how to move forward. In that case, we may recommend that you download an application that will provide you with data that you can use. Installation is very easy and short, and you can find great options there.

Fastest leveling class


So, the choice of class will greatly affect the leveling and that is why this should be your priority. If you want to seriously commit to achieving your goal, focus on this part of the job first. Classes are ranked according to ease in reaching levels. It doesn’t matter if you go on this trip alone or with a group, there is a clear criterion. Depending on what you choose you will have the opportunity to rank higher or lower and then it is very important to own some basic things. By this we mean the ability to self-heal and AOE damage.

Of course, every game is easier when you stay unharmed while you have the power to clean everything in front of you. Either way, some elements such as pets can also help. Hunters have the best pet pets and they are considered the fastest class. That is why they are our recommendation to you, and in addition you have a number of other advantages behind them. They are a great tool for you when you reach 60 levels when it comes to solo classes. They are followed by Druid, Warlock, Mage, Priest… When it comes to Duo Leveling Classes the point is to find great combinations that will protect you and give you tremendous power. In that case, you can’t go wrong if you have a healer and a warrior.

You do not have to complete all class quests

You may think that you are obliged to successfully complete every mission that comes with every move, but it is okay to ignore them as well. Of course, the missions are there for a reason. You should never forget that, because they do not exist only to get useful information for further, but also offer unique abilities. It is this ability that can speed you up and save you time. The problem is that you don’t have to get these abilities every time and no one can really guarantee that. So, you can’t count on this gift and sometimes it can cost you wasted time.

Why do we say that? In all other situations, you will not get anything, and this search will only keep you at the current level longer. Some adventures involve very long distances, as is the case with the horde. Shamans who travel all the way to Eastern Kingdoms just to make signature Totems. However, it is much more difficult for other classes. Our advice is not to take risks, because you have little chance of getting an extra simple task. If you’re already doing well, don’t bother with quests. Only go after them if you really need them, because otherwise you will lose as much as an hour just while trying.

Power leveling


If everything still goes too slow you can save time using boosting in games. You realize you don’t have that much time to devote to dungeons, your guild and play all expansions, but you definitely want level 600, the solution can be wow power leveling. As the pro WoW players from boosthive told us, it’s a reliable solution.


This may not be the easiest task for you, but most players really enjoy it no matter how much time they need. In the end, most things are actually an individual thing and depend on your interests and style of play. For example, you don’t have to listen to us when it comes to doing quests and it will give you a completely different experience than if you ignored them. So, tailor the game to yourself so that you have as much fun as possible while achieving your goal.