7 Best Ways to Obtain Good PvP Gear in World of Warcraft

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From its release in 2004, World of Warcraft has been a fan favourite. It is an online game which allows several players to play at once, and includes role playing of its different characters by the players. Players are to conquer different levels, fight off several monsters and ace the mission. It has been commercially acclaimed and is a huge success ever since 2004.

From the moment it was made available in the market, gamers have been trying to find out different ways through which they can ace the game. The addictive visuals and the overall plot keeps the gamers immersed.

However, it can be a little too challenging to complete the game without special features called “PvP Gears”. These are present in game, hidden, waiting for players to come and collect them, and provides additional powers to the players’ avatars.

Additionally, these can be bought off of the internet. Several websites, such as buy-boost.com/wow provide players with PvP gears and other stuff which can be bought and used to ace the game.

But if you are one of those who would want to finish the game on their own without some additional help, given below is a list of 7 best ways to obtain good PvP Gears in the game:

1. Collect Mark of Honor

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This is the simplest way of collecting gears in the game, from levels 1 to 89. Mark of Honor are the game currency, which are awarded upon the completion of each level.

Additionally, they can be collected by the players during the course of the game, during conquests, and whilst fighting off monsters. These Mark of Honor can be then exchanged, in the game shop, for Gears and weapons.

The more the level, the higher is the cost of Gears. So try to save the Mark of Honors collected during the early levels and they all can be combined to buy new and better Gears at the higher levels. However, these currencies have an upper limit of 4000, upon reaching which it stops collecting anymore. So be mindful of spending the Mark of Honors before reaching its upper limit.

2. Saving Gears

The Gears earned and exchanged for Mark of Honors in the initial levels should be saved up for later ones, as they can be upgraded, transformed and transmogged in the game. A few Gears can also be morphed into a much stronger and efficient one.

These Gears are used as weapons to defeat the various monsters which will be encountered during the life of the game, and also to complete certain tasks in a few quests, like climbing the Serpent Wall at level 90. Therefore, do not gear up until it is very necessary to do so.

3. Collect Bones

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Upon reaching level 100, your avatar would be asked to join a raid group and you would perform some raids, along with other members of the circle. Your ringmaster, the Sanctum, would reward you with either gold or Mark of Honors, in exchange for the Bones you have collected from killing off your own team mates. Yes, you would have to kill off your raid circle in order to gain Mark of Honors, which would later can be used to purchase Gears and weapons.

4. Collect strong boxes

Strong boxes are present throughout all levels, but are present in a much more quantity from level 100. They can be of any appearance and size, are are usually Blue, Green and Purple coloured. These boxes contain special rewards, messages and information for the players.

The rewards are usually gold. But sometimes, a few gears or weapons are also obtained from these. Be careful to watch and look for these boxes, as other players are also looking for the same, and can pick up faster than you. Strong Boxes are hard to find and collect during peak gaming hours.

5. Gather XPs

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XPs are provided to the characters in every level. However, from level 110, XPs are bundled up with small rewards, called ilevels. For every 800 points, you get a boost of 1 per cent to your character’s XP. These can be used in different Battlefields, while fighting off several monsters, and can be used to gain Gears.

6. The Great Vault

This is the weekly combo of all the progress you have made in the game. The great vault includes all the XPs granted initially, and the ones earned additionally, all the gears, the gold and Mark of Honor tally, which are finally combined and converted into Skills Ratings.

These Skills Ratings are further classified in different slots, and the best Gears are awarded accordingly. Therefore, it is important for all players to complete as many quests, and defeat as many monsters as they can every week to maintain a good Skills Rating and get rewarded as per their talents.

7. Challenge other players

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The game is built to be played at multiplayer by default, but now players can challenge each other for Battles in a special feature called the War Mode. War Mode allows players from the same city, or around the globe, to compete with others in exchange for gold or Gears.

The winning player gets to own the other player’s Gears and weapons, and can be used in the main game. This is a relatively easier way of gaining the best gears for your avatars. However, not many players are willing to risk their hard earned game Gears or gold.


Whether you are just beginning to play War of Worlds, or are a pro already, all these above mentioned tips and tricks can come in handy whilst playing.

These tips can help you gain some of the best PvP Gears in the game, thus making you a champion in the gaming arena. However, one must not forget that games are created to have fun and relax the mind. Be mindful of your playing hours and try to keep it to as minimum as possible.