4 Ways World of Tanks Has Changed the Gaming World

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World of Tanks is an online video game that was released in 2010. Ever since its release, it has quickly taken over the world and the internet and is claimed as one of the most commercially successful games ever created. The game is available on all major gaming platforms, like the Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo.

With the game being of the war genre, it sometimes becomes a bit hard for new players to easily access and understand the various components of the game. To overcome this situation, many online web-based guides are available on the internet for the users and players to read and understand the game better. New users and players can visit this website for further details.

With its stunning visuals and storyline, World of Tanks has been a gamechanger in the world of games. To understand this better stated below is a list of 4 ways World of Tanks has changed the gaming world.

1. Free to win

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While many games are available on the internet which are free to play, World of Tanks is free to win. The complete game is free, with every war vehicle being unlocked at certain levels. But users and players also have an option of paying for the same vehicles if they want them at earlier levels.

This however does not mean that the unpaid version is not of the same quality. The payment just speeds up the process of obtaining the different artillery vehicles, without interrupting the game design or progress of the rest.

The free to win monetization model is a major factor that contributed greatly to the popularity and success of World of Tanks. Players can play the game without paying any money, as it is absolutely free. At the same time, for other players who want to finish off the game as soon as possible, it offers them to spend some cash.

They can buy customization items and rare vehicles that don’t affect gameplay. They might pay to level up faster, thus finishing off earlier and unlocking items earlier than someone who plays the free mode.

However, this has been made clear by the developers of the game that it doesn’t mean the spenders, in any way, will perform better, because the gameplay and the software are built around the skills of the players, and not on the money spent on premium content.

The developers added these microtransactions not to force payments out of the players, but because they wanted their audience and users to have a choice about the personalization, the status, the progress of the game, anything that the players are passionate about, and which excites them. This business model was first used in World of Tanks, and is now all over the place, with many developers and gamers making use of the same.

2. Less bondage, deeper commitment

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The developers of the game made use of human psychology and made their game based on facts. The game does not require the users to be regular players, instead, all their progress and customizations are saved directly on the cloud system.

The players do not have to be professional players to play World of Tanks. The gameplay is basic and very simple, without the requirement of professional gaming skills. This means that the game can be played and completed by anyone, irrespective of their gaming background. The game was a joint effort made by the developers and producers.

After over a decade of hard work and many small games designed in between, World of Tanks finally took place and conquered the gaming world in just a couple of weeks. The game keeps the users and players coming back for more, as the developers keep rolling out the newest features almost every season.

The players may not be too attached to their artillery vehicles, but they are deeply connected and committed to the game, and it is one of the reasons why the game, even ten years of its release, is still so popular all over the world.

3. Easy accessibility

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Anyone from any age group can be a World of Tanks player. It is a multiplayer online gaming software, which allows anyone and everyone to come and play, and all are treated equally. Players can choose some additional specifications and modifications, but this comes with a price tag attached to it. Moreover, any player can play the game because of its simple and easy game play and design.

There are no too hard game strategies or rules which the players are to follow in order to complete the game. In fact, the players need not be an FPS (first person shooter). Anyone can become familiar with the functioning of the tanks and other artillery vehicles present in the game within the first few minutes of playing.

At the same time, the visuals and storyline of the game keep the users gripped and engaged and make them complete the game soon. Every tank and vehicle has its own features and combat styles, which can be unlocked at selected levels. This is a rather innovative way of keeping the players committed to the game and thus, making World of Tanks a global hit.

4. Cultural relevance

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With the game being developed in Russia and Belarus, it has included many cultural relevances which the gamers and historians are quick to notice. The game is set in the early 20th century, featuring the time frame between pre World War II to the Cold War era.

The battleships and tanks are fine replicas of the same from the same era. The developers have made use of the fact that Russians are very attached to their history and take pride in it. Incorporating the same in a video game was a gamble, which proved to be hugely successful.


War of Tanks is a war-based, online, multiplayer, free-to-play, and free-to-win game, featuring many war vehicles and tanks. Players have the chance to use the same in first person mode or view other players’ games as a third-person spectator.

All these factors have made the game so famous. However, games including violence and shooting are not meant for players under the age of 13. Parental advisory and discretion are needed. Moreover, Games are supposed to be taken lightly as they are developed and made for fun and relaxing the minds of the players.