6 Facts About Warcraft That You Might Not Know

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World of Warcraft is a legendary game with a very long history. Millions of fans around the world love Warcraft and play every day. It is difficult to imagine how the game has not lost its relevance and popularity for such a long time, but is only developing, gaining more and more new players. Let’s talk about what few people know, even those who have been playing Warcraft for a long time. We are sure you will discover something new. 6 facts about World of Warcraft that you might not know. Let’s go!

1. MMO incarnations

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At the time of the development of World of Warcraft, which began in 1999, this game was a tribute to the growing popularity of the fashion for creating MMO incarnations of popular universes. Then there was no hope for great popularity and success, the project was created similar to the first EverQuest. That is why EQ players participated in the project. Among them was Alex Afrasiabi, the leader and founder of the strongest Everquest guild Fires of Heaven. Alex’s opinion, although he did not hold a high position at first, had a lot of weight in the process of work. So, for example, he insisted on strict specialization, as a result of which hybrid classes did everything and were inferior to “pure” in efficiency, so that until the very end of the “vanilla” WoW, the only normal tank was a warrior. However, no one paid attention to it.

2. Connection with developers

The worldview of Blizzard developers is reflected in World of Warcraft. Many people know how artistic director Samwise Didier loves pandas. So, fluffy karate alcoholics were supposed to become one of the Alliance races, but this idea was abandoned and pandas were replaced by Draenei. Lead screenwriter Chris Metzen associates himself with Thrall, the leader of the Horde, and the retirement of this character hardly coincided with Chris’ indefinite leave in 2016. Interestingly, Metzen voiced not only Thrall, but also the king of men Varian Rynn, and many bosses in the original World of Warcraft. And the composer Russell Bauer himself is in the game in the form of a dwarf bard, whom we can help to finish the ballad.

3. Details

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One of the reasons for the wild popularity of the game World of Warcraft is the deepest study of the world. The creators turned to all sources related to the universe, not only to games, but also to books. Even the first Warcraft today remains relevant in its plot. It was there that the story of the opening of the Dark Portal by the magician Medivh and the invasion of the Horde was told almost in the form in which it entered the prehistory of WoW and the 2016 film. Moreover, when creating WoW locations, the developers in some places even focused on the landscape from the missions of the first “Warcraft” – for example, the magician’s tower in the eastern Elvinn forest stands approximately in the same place as on the corresponding map.

4. Censorship

For a long time, due to censorship, the catacombs under Karazhan (Medivh Tower) remained closed to the public. This was due to the fact that it was considered that the place was too gloomy and unpleasant for a game with a “childish” rating. And indeed, this part of the game was not for the faint of heart, take at least “Inverted Sinners”. To see this, you had to use exploits. The dungeon was opened in the Legion. However, to access it, you need to go through an extremely difficult quest. Most of the riddles of such a quest were simply unsolvable without a guide.

5. Interaction of universes

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The debate about how the Warcraft and Warhammer universes interact with each other has recently ended. However, it is important to say this. There is an opinion that the first “Warcraft” was originally created as a “monitoring” of Warhammer Fantasy Battles, but something did not grow together… However, what can be said for sure is that there was some conflict over intellectual property, since all the names that coincide with “Warhammer” were changed in The Frozen Throne add-on.

6. Pumping

The concept of “pumping after pumping”, embodied in the artifacts of the Legion, was originally planned back in the Cataclysm. However, then to strengthen the character and discover new abilities, it was proposed to download archeology. To date, by the way, it is easy and profitable to boost characters with services such as skycoach.gg.

We hope you were interested to learn more about the history and plot of the legendary game World of Warcraft. If you haven’t tried to play yet, we highly recommend you to try it! It’s not for nothing that the game not only does not lose popularity, but also wins more and more hearts of players every year!