Top Video Game-Based Movies Worth Watching


Any form of media can be adapted into a film, but video games are particularly challenging. Gamers are more likely to be the target audience for these films, regardless of critics’ opinions. Most video game adaptations have failed to meet expectations, but some filmmakers have understood what fans want. Here are some of the best video game-based movies you should watch, regardless of whether you liked the game.

1. Warcraft

 Taking World of Warcraft to Hollywood was a no-brainer. Although the game may be a lite version of Lord of the Rings, it is rich with Duncan Jones’ lore and story. Warcraft is not only one of the best video game adaptations of all time; it takes the universe of Warcraft and elevates it to a new level.

You may only know a few things about Warcraft, but you can read more on The Nation Roar for facts and details. However, although it goes overboard with the in-depth character development, the movie stands out in video game movies. Its notoriety is because it’s a film that doesn’t fear taking risks, and the director had a big budget and the freedom to tell the story in the direction he wanted.

2. Resident Evil

 There are so many Resident Evil movies (six to be exact), so it’s challenging to narrow them down to a single one. Many excellent options exist, from Afterlife to the original, which is probably the best. Despite Resi’s sprawling lore, it is streamlined and only pokes around its edges for a good reason: the action takes precedence. While that may annoy some, a slow-burn experience through a mansion in 2002 wouldn’t have been as engaging as this first effort – which still holds up today.

3. Tron

Although there was great excitement when 1982’s Tron hit the screens, the long-awaited sequel could not impress critics on release day. The higher-tech revival, however, was well-received by most audiences. Fans of the original cast will still hope to see more of Sam Flynn and the characters he encounters, including some of the original cast members. It may have worked better as a game, but as a movie, it is certainly an underrated masterpiece.

4. Assassin’s Creed

The release of Assassin’s Creed marked the first-time video game movies gained prominence in the spotlight. In an attempt to put to rest the notion that Assassin’s Creed was unique or only for a specific audience, it looked compelling at the creed versus the Templars’ eternal struggle.

In Assassin’s Creed, Michael Fassbender stars alongside Marion Cotillard and Michael K. Williams. The stellar cast gives the movie real legitimacy, along with an impressive 15th-century Animus adventure and parkour-heavy style that pays homage to the series without being too fan-service-driven. Some fans and filmgoers might have been disappointed by it, but give it another shot. There is more to it than you would imagine.

5. Need for Speed

 Although the original Need for Speed game had no serialized narrative and instead presented players with a variety of street racing challenges, the film adaptation marked a change of pace. Tobey Marshall (Aaron Paul) is an underground racer and mechanic who seeks revenge against Dino (Dominic Cooper) after Dino’s betrayal puts him behind bars. The audience can also see the action from behind the wheel through a “helmet cam” perspective. While there are many cases where the game is better than the movie, this isn’t one of them.

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6. Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat 2024 deserves a spot on this list based on its fight scenes alone, and fake blood supplies must have dwindled during production. The protagonist Cole Young (Lewis Tan), is a brand-new addition to Mortal Kombat’s universe. Still, with his fate to face off in Mortal Kombat competition, we also see fan favourites like Sub Zero and Sonya Blade in action for the first time on the big screen.

There are some clunky lines, but these characters often get beaten in the head, so, understandably, they are not quoting Shakespearean text. If you’re a fan of the fighting series or want to relax before some brutal deaths and disconnect your brain from the world for a day, this movie is just what you’re looking for.

7. Silent Hill

Rose (Radha Mitchell) and her adopted daughter Sharon (Jodelle Ferland) enter Silent Hill in search of a cure for Sharon’s mysterious illness. Rose confronts the town’s monstrous past when her daughter Sharon suddenly disappears, leading her to discover the existence of a fearsome cult. There is a significant difference between this film and the original Silent Hill game, in which Sharon’s adoptive father, Harry, is the protagonist. In addition to the original game’s score, most of the Silent Hill movie’s music was composed by Akira Yamaoka.

8. Werewolves Within

As far as video games turned into movies are concerned, Werewolves Within is one of the best examples. The premise of the game is the same as that of the film. They must figure out which group member is a werewolf trying to eat them and which one among them is the werewolf. In terms of the horror-comedy genre, everything this movie brings forth feels new and fresh. Even though the movie received only 6 out of 10 on IMDB, the film is well worth the watch because the characters are incredibly outrageous. Though some may consider them too quirky, they are entertaining and bring in a lot of laughter.


It is possible to make films from a wide variety of media, and movies have evolved into board games and online slots. The games are popular worldwide thanks to their immersive feel and trueness to the storyline. Online gaming has become increasingly prevalent over the years, with even online sports betting making its way online.