5 Best Table Games to Play in 2024

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Each year new and more exciting board games are being developed and published, with 2024 being no different. Playing slot games on Borgata online is the best way to have fun, but if you want a break away from screen time, there are lots of tabletop games for you to enjoy. Whether you’re searching for something more strategy-based or a game with a strong narrative and cooperative play, there are lots to choose from. Your game night rotation should have a little something for everyone’s tastes, from games that require some thought to games that just feel beautiful to play. Taking your eyes away from screens is a great way to remove the stresses of the day. Board games like the ones we are about to mention work really well in giving your brain a chance to focus on the task at hand rather than the hundreds of things circling around. Take a rest and relax, just try not to let your competitive side get the better of you. Here are some of our favorite table games you should be playing in 2024.

1. Star Wars: Outer Rim

No matter the style of game, the Star Wars franchise is always popular, and that is no different with Star Wars: Outer Rim. Set surrounding the original trilogy, you play as a scoundrel, bounty hunter, a smuggler, or all three, traveling across a multitude of villainy hives to search for fame. One of the best parts of this wonderful game is the nostalgic feeling you get as you play as some of the classic Star Wars characters. Unlike games of Risk or Catan, the sometimes cutthroat nature isn’t seen in Outer Rim, so friendships will always remain intact. You don’t have to attack other players but remember that you’re a scoundrel, so the option is waiting for you if you do so wish. The game is overall pretty easy to pick up, even considering its complex nature. Winners are never seen to run away with the game keeping the competition close with most games played: a great game and something for Star Wars lovers.

2. Small World

Small World is similar to the game of Risk but set in Middle-earth, and one of the great things is that the games will not nearly take as long as watching the Lord of the Rings movies. The game is similar to the films in that it is filled with dwarves, elves, halflings, and many more fantasy creatures. There are multiple boards and lots of small pieces. It can take up to 40 minutes for first-time players just to get the game set up and ready to play. When you have finished the task of setting up, the actual gameplay is pretty easy to get a grip of, with lots of different fantasy race combinations making each run through different from the last.

One of the great things about Small World is that the gameplay is just as fun with two players as it is with five, thanks to the multiple boards. There are different versions of the game available, which may pique interest more than others. The different versions see a Warcraft world and an Underground world, which is a little darker, although the fantasy element is seen in all versions of Small World.

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3. Betrayal at House on the Hill

House on the Hill might be a Scooby-Doo episode, but only if Lovecraft wrote a Scooby-Doo episode and turned it into a party game. A variety of character traits are assigned to each player, including sanity, knowledge, might, and speed. During a spooky mansion tour, they encounter wacky, atmospheric events as they search for items and play games with a creepy child who goes after their toys. In Betrayal at House on the Hill, strategy is minimal, but players can get silly because of the camp factor. The game offers a lot of replay value because it presents over 100 different scenarios.

4. Scythe

The dense rulebook and multiple mistakes made during each turn added up to six hours for the first playthrough for a lot of Scythe players. However, we’re still captivated by this game’s deep strategic aspect and its beautiful, steampunk-meets-pastoral idyll aesthetic. During further game time, play can be reduced to within the 90- to the 115-minute range. As well as taking over weekly game nights, Scythe has inspired a dedicated group chat where players discuss strategies, make and share memes, and plan impromptu sessions.

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5. Anomia

Several intense, furrowed-brow looks are often exchanged around a silent table when certain games require sharp focus, advanced planning, and subtle strategy. It is possible that your neighbors may file a noise complaint if you play a game too late at night. At the other extreme are games that are so quick and fun that they make you want to play them all day. I have often worried about losing my voice after playing Anomia since it falls into the latter category. Playing this game is as simple as recognizing patterns and words. Even so, in practice, it produces tension as players race to reveal cards, reveal symbols, and come up with an answer before anyone else. Almost 100 cards can be pulled from the deck during the rounds of Anomia, so it’s a replayable game.

But if you’ve grown tired of this version, other editions, such as Anomia Party and Anomia X, introduce completely new card decks while maintaining the same gameplay dynamics.