V Wars: When Will Season 2 Release?


The V Wars series was released on December 5, 2019, on the online streaming platform Netflix. It is a science fiction horror television web series which is based on the graphical novels written by Jonathan Maberry. The series is created by Glenn Davis and William Lauren and consists of ten episodes.

V Wars
Image by – Netflix

In March 2023, the cancellation of the further extension of the series after the first season was announced.

Plot of V Wars

The story of V Wars revolves around Dr. Luther Swann, a physician-scientist and his friend, Michael Fayne. The duo faces an evolving crisis of a life taking outbreak. It fractures the society into factions that are opposing with potential to escalate a war between Humans and Vampires.

The reason for the outbreak was climate change and a virus with its origin in the old ages that turns humans into vampires.

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  • Ian Somerhalder – Dr. Luther Swann
  • Jacky Lai – Kaylee Vo
  • Adrian Holmes – Michael Fayne
  • Kyle Breitkopf – Desmond Swann
  • Kimberly-Sue Murray – Danika Dubov
  • Peter Outerbridge – Calix Niklos
  • Kandyse McClure – Claire O’Hagan
  • Laura Vandervoort – Mila Dubov
  • Sydney Meyer – Ava O’Malley

What about Season 2?

Unfortunately, it was announced on March 30, 2023, that the show would not be renewed for the second season. However, a possibility for the renewal of the series is still there. As of now, the only thing that can be done is to wait for the next announcement.

V Wars
Image by – The Buzz Paper

Currently, the production is halted due to the coronavirus pandemic, so if in any case, it starts, and we can expect the show to be released in December. If not December, the series will be released in early 2023.

In the second season, we can expect Dr. Luther Swann to face a more fierce Blood Nation than ever to get his son back. If the series follows the comic seriously, then the alliance between the Vampires and the humans will come to an end.