Vikings Season 7 | When Will It Release? Know Details Here.


Period Drama is one of those genres which despite quoting the facts from the old, never gets old. This is something that reflects the past in such a way that we start feeling that we are a part of it and actually living that era. Of course, it depends on how precisely the research and development work is done in the production of the period drama. Vikings can be mentioned as a show that fills all the above features of the period drama. It is a show that has been running from the past seven years and has managed to hold a vast audience base. Till now, the series has completed six seasons. Vikings Season 7 is next on the racks.

Vikings Season 6: Death and the Serpent
Image source -Den of Geek

The sixth season of the series was divided into two parts, one part of which has already been aired and the show is currently on a mid-season break.

Vikings Season 6 Part 2 Release Date

Any official announcement regarding the release date of Vikings season 7 has not been made yet. However, if we closely observe the pattern of earlier releases, we can give it a guess. By that pattern, the second part of season 6 can release around November 2024. Also, for your information, the filming of the second part has not been completed yet. The reason is obvious, that is, the halting of productions worldwide.

Vikings Season 6 Episode 8
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Due to the ongoing pandemic situation, this won’t be a surprise that the release date may be pushed further. The second part will also be containing a total of ten episodes, just like part one.

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Will Season 7 happen?

Unfortunately, no! Vikings season 7 was canceled in January 2024. But, you don’t need to worry about that. A spin-off titled as Valhalla has been taken by Netflix, and the online streaming platform has ordered 24 episodes for it.