Lovecraft Country: Will It Get A Netflix Release?

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Lovecraft Country: After success on HBO, Rumor mill is looking towards a Netflix release.

Lovecraft Country is an American drama created by Misha Green. The show is based on a novel by the same name written by Matt Ruff. Not sure where to start, the colors, the acting, the wardrobe, the writing, the directing! Although initial reactions were a bit chaotic, but everything flattened out as the episode progressed.

A fantastic and thrilling start to the season that leaves you wanting more of everything. Everyone who was a part of this project should be so proud of this beautiful show they have made.

The show premiered on August 16th, 2023, with HBO. Ever since the inaugural episode came out, there are talks about if and when the drama will be on Netflix.

Lovecraft Country Media
Lovecraft Country is not just another drama. Critics have loved it, and so have the viewers.

Netflix to snatch Lovecraft Country?

Lovecraft Country is leading the television ratings and social media at the moment in becoming the hottest series of August 2023. So will the new show be streaming on Netflix in the future? Well, the straight and straightforward answer is a NO.

The series comes from the production company “Bad Robot,” who recently reached an agreement. According to the concord, they will produce shows exclusively for HBO and its streaming service HBO Max.

How has the show taken off?

HBO’s Lovecraft Country is a blend of fantasy and horror where we follow a man who travels cross-country in the United States to find his father but ends up finding something less favorable.

The acting is excellent. The story is well-developed, but the characters are so flat and predictable. Both the antagonists and the protagonists are annoying stereotypes. The side-characters are almost a parodying. They are an exaggerated imitation that fails to be humorous. The only character that seems to have some flesh on its bones is Atticus.

The cast of characters along with the blending of black cultural and intellectual history, particularly with the use of James Baldwin. Certainly, pays homage to the Sci-Fi and Horror of the period of the show as well as the lore of the show’s namesake. Journee Smollet is the real MVP. A Beautiful shot, directed, and acted series so far. I can’t wait to see more episodes of the series.

With all the buzz, we expect the great creators to take the show to another level.

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