What to Occupy Yourself With on a Long Trip?

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Going on a long trip is extremely important to think through all the fine details beforehand, so that the trip was not only pleasant, but also not boring. And one of the components of a comfortable game is entertainment. So you can play the usual things like video games, listen to music or watch movies or play in online casino, for more details check www.newonline-casinos. But what to do when trivial things get boring?

We have the answer!

The best entertainment on a long trip

  • Thinking about your upcoming trip

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If you’re flying for a vacation, sketch out a list of all the places you want to visit, including secondary places. Study a map and plan a route at least to the hotel. Download the necessary apps and articles on your phone in advance.

If you’re going to another country, learn the basic language phrases and rules of etiquette. In a business trip is always relevant to better prepare a speech, review documents. And you can also make a list of people to whom you want to bring gifts and souvenirs.

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  • Read

One of the most popular activities for the road. When else will you have time to read the classics that you never got around to?

It is best to bring a reader. It weighs little, does not strain your eyes too much, and can accommodate many works. But you can take a paper book, if your luggage is not too heavy. Also, in airports and train stations sold a lot of magazines – not only entertainment, but also highly specialized (for programmers, photographers, motorists).

Another great option – audio books and radio listeners. Check in advance to make sure the narrator’s voice doesn’t annoy you.

  • Writing

Make and tweak your plans for the future, take stock of last month’s accomplishments, and jot down lists of things to do and things to buy. Write a post on your social networking site or a note in a personal journal about your expectations for the trip. Or about the experiences you’ve already had, if you’re going back.

  • Draw

Drawing on an airplane is not very comfortable and distracts the attention of your neighbors, but for the airport or train it’s a good idea. You’ll need pencils or pens, a sharpener, and paper. If you’ve never drawn before, print out or download tutorials for drawing.

  • Listen to music

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Nothing distracts you on the road, you are not rushing anywhere. Even songs you’ve known for a long time can open up in a new way. Download yourself tracks of new directions and performers, including those that don’t seem to be close to you. You can open up a whole world for yourself.

  • Play

If you’re traveling in company, the list of games for you is huge. Contact, association, innuendo and provocation, tanks, feudal lords, gallows… Everyone remembers the game of cities. There is a close analog to it: everyone takes turns naming words to a given letter or syllable.

Today there are thousands of different games and slightly fewer platforms offering this kind of entertainment. You’ll have no trouble diving into a comfortable game and possibly winning an incredibly large prize.

  • Watch Movies

Before your trip, download some movies to your gadget. If you’re traveling alone, take a headphone splitter. Take care of the charging, because outlets, like Wi-Fi, are not available in all planes and trains.

  • Unpack the folders on your laptop

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Take advantage of the great opportunity to clean out all the archives and organize your desktop. Delete unnecessary folders, files, videos and music albums, organize and sign what you need.

  • Delete failed photos

Anything that didn’t work out and blurry, delete it right away, and some you can process and post on social media.

  • Learn

A long trip is a good excuse to tighten your language skills or learn something new in your professional field. Students often take their textbooks with them and prepare for exams right on the road. At the same time, they have more free time afterwards.

  • Work

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Take the necessary documentation with you and do some upcoming work ahead of time. Write business letters. Freelancers in general very often work on trains or trains, it’s a great time saver.

  • Get acquainted with fellow travelers

If you’re bored, strike up a conversation with a passenger you like. On the train you can meet very interesting and useful people, and sometimes even your soulmate. Ask him where he is going, and how many times he has been there. So you can find out interesting details about the country you are going to.

  • Think and dream

New experiences make your thoughts flow differently on the road. Listen to yourself: what emotions you have inside, if you have any new ideas or insights. Traveling, including the road, always helps you better understand yourself and rethink a lot of things.

  • Observe the people around you

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Look at how people around you are dressed, how they behave, what nationalities they are. Play detective and imagine what they might be doing in their lives, what they might be thinking about. Such a simple activity will help you develop observation and a more subtle understanding of people.

  • Crafts

On the road you can knit, embroider crosses, bracelets and macramé. For a long train ride, you can knit a pair of socks or a scarf.

  • Sleep

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For comfort, you could use a sleep mask, earplugs, and a pillow-valve under your neck. With these devices, your sleep will be both pleasant and useful. Most importantly, don’t oversleep your station.


In fact, there are a lot of activities that can be used on the road not to get bored, but it all depends on you and your rich imagination. Dream before you travel about how you would like to spend this time, and you are sure to get a lot of pleasure from a long trip, rather than boredom and frustration..