Why You Should Use Facebook as a Starting Point for Your Business

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Facebook provides excellent opportunities to promote your business. This platform is the leader in the number of users with higher education and traditionally unites well-paid professionals: marketers, journalists, IT specialists, etc. If this is your target audience, you just need to reach out to it. The main promotion tool on Facebook is the so-called business pages.

Such a page can be used as a business card of a commercial site, a platform for publishing thematic content, or a branch of an online store. Pages can be used to sell products and services, promote a personal brand, organize events and gather like-minded people around interesting ideas. The main thing is to approach this correctly by using facebook ad templates offered by creative tools such as Crello, graphic design software.

Promotion on Facebook and any other social networks is an integral part of modern business. Every day the world goes online more and more, and most of the purchases are made there. Using social media, you can quickly create the right attitude around your brand, build the trust of your customers and make them more loyal to the company.

Facebook opens up huge opportunities for representatives of the small, medium, and even large businesses, because using all the tools offered, you can quickly and effectively promote your business, increase sales and profits. Another important factor for Facebook is the lower price per attracted buyer.

Facebook promotion opens up really outstanding opportunities for business, which is signaled to us by the statistics of the social network:

  • Over 2 billion active users;
  • 50 million companies have Facebook pages;
  • 1/5 of the world’s population uses Facebook every day;
  • 400 new users are registered every minute;
  • On average, a user visits Facebook 8 times every day;
  • Facebook’s ad revenue is over $3 billion.

Effective Facebook promotion

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Page promotion on Facebook starts with competitor analysis. See what methods your competitors are using, what they write in their posts, and how their target audience is reacting to them. Then create a theme page, design and write the first posts. Decide what content you will post, how often, and on what topics. Write all this in the plan and strictly adhere to it. Launch paid targeted advertising to your target audience with a profitable and unique offer.

This way you will get more clients for a lower price, and you can also increase the total number of the page. Keep your Facebook account up and running, give quick feedback to your audience. An excellent feature of Facebook is that absolutely any company working in any field can be promoted on it. After all, many believe that Facebook is beneficial only to online stores. But every day this myth is refuted because even a complex and expensive business finds its clients on FB.

Before you start setting up, let’s look at what opportunities a business page opens on social networks for promotion and advertising:

  • There are functions for the page that allow you to post additional information about the company and communication options (address, “contact” button, etc.) see statistics of visits to your page.
  • You will be able to run ads on both Facebook and Instagram. You will be able to transfer the rights to manage the page to other people.

How to promote a page on Facebook

Experience shows that even the most ingenious content will not promote itself. To be seen by as many people as possible, you will have to “get likes”. There are three main ways to do this.

Method 1. –°ontacts

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In the early days of your online presence, try to focus on content that is useful to your users. Publish posts that people and search engines love alike: stories and interviews, predictions and lists. Engage the audience with your knowledge and experience, do not forget to entertain them – a good joke is never superfluous.

Before inviting your target audience to the group, ask your friends and colleagues to like your page, thereby creating a “presence effect”. Link to your community on your personal Facebook and Twitter accounts, and send invitations to everyone who subscribes to your email newsletter. These people already know you and your business and are likely to respond positively to your offer.

Method 2. Targeted advertising

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Advertisements can be an excellent option for promoting a page, but there are fewer opportunities for targeting on Facebook than on other networks. Perhaps this is due to the fact that Facebook was originally created for private communication and its users are less inclined to share personal information. But in any case, you can customize the search for the target audience by place of residence, age, profession, interests, and activity on the Internet. A special algorithm will select exactly those users who might like your page.

Facebook has the ability to promote not only the page but also individual posts. Of course, for such ads, you need to select posts that have already received a good response in your community. Contests, promotions, or free offers are ideal. Such a post will only be shown to your subscribers, but if they like it, their friends will also know about it. This allows you to “kill” two birds with one stone, to attract a new audience and remind of yourself to those who have already subscribed to your page.

Method 3. Influencers

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Influencers are bloggers, analysts, journalists, and just popular social media users, whose opinion, in one way or another, influences the thoughts and behavior of their friends and subscribers. If you manage to attract the attention of such a person to your brand, product or page, consider yourself very lucky. Even a fleeting recommendation of your service or a photo taken at your establishment can significantly increase traffic.

And by negotiating an interview or review, you will get the very expert content that is so in demand on Facebook. One of the tabs that are constantly visible to users contains links to friendly communities. Nice neighborhood, isn’t it?


Of course, these are not all available methods of promotion on Facebook, and it is hardly possible to fit them into the format of a small article. Read books, study your audience, follow the advice of professionals, and constantly reflect on your own experience. Do all this every day and your efforts will definitely pay off.