Advantages & Disadvantages of Renting SUVs


Are you going to travel with your family? Planned a trip with your kids, or planning to take your parents with you to explore some new places? Having a large family, it can be difficult to go out for the weekend. You need a lot of space and maximum comfort for each family member. Even if you have a car, it may be not a good option for traveling, especially when you are planning a long-term trip. Don’t worry, you should not buy a new bigger car! You can easily rent a good reliable 6-seater, so everyone would feel comfortable and have a space in car for trip! Actually, you may rent a car according to how many people you take with you. So, it is not a problem to rent a minivan, an SUV, or even a camping van. Your adventure will look like from great travel movies where big family enjoy their trip together and happily.

SUV is the best option for big families and tourist excursions. This unique car is large enough to fit 5-6 passengers and their luggage. Even if you are a family of 5, you may rent a 6-seater to have one free seat for your lovely pet or sports equipment. Some extra space would be nice just now. Many of today’s SUVs are modernly equipped to add more comfort and the newest technologies to your road trip. There is just one thing, are SUVs good enough to travel in the city? How can they be useful for off-road traveling? Let’s find it out. But first, here is what you should keep in mind when renting a vehicle.

How to get the best price when renting an auto


Car rental is a wonderful thing. There are many rental agencies at the airport and you can pick any car you like. Of course, the prices are different for different car models and brands. The market for used cars is changeable. Long-term agreements are also available so the prices can be extremely low. There is always a chance to find an extra charge. For example, renting a car before the trip makes the price low.

Nobody can make you rent a car. It’s your choice and your reality. If you need a small car, you can easily rent it. If you need a 6-seater, you can check the available SUVs on the website. To conclude, rent a car according to your budget. As a rule, SUVs and minivans are higher by rates but often go with a good sale.

You can get a sale coupon for a car rental the same as you can get it for shopping. Just search the websites and download the coupon codes. Use it when you pay for the car and get the cheapest price.

The choice of cars is usually big. You can rent any car on your taste and enjoy it during the trip. That’s great as you can rent a maximum comfortable car for your trip even if you can’t afford it in your everyday life.

Advantages and disadvantages of SUVs



  • 6 seater car rental with rental24h is your opportunity to get the most comfortable car for traveling with kids and friends. The interior of SUVs is always simple, but extremely favorable for people inside.
  • SUVs can boast their big trunks. These cars are good to carry any luggage you may need on the go.
  • SUVs are good for any weather. You wouldn’t care whether it’s a raining whether or a sunny one.
  • SUVs are good and status for family vacations and business meetings.


  • Large cars need special driving skills. They are not that maneuverable as smaller cars and not easy to park. So think about who can be a suitable and experienced driver for this type of car.
  • As a rule, SUVs and minivans are more expensive than smaller cars. The only chance for you is to get a sale coupon.

Special features of 6-seaters


Definitely, 6-seaters differ from other cars. They are specially designed for giving more space to passengers and their luggage. They are great for bad weather and difficult roads. The best car brands can boast their smooth and speedy driving even on the urban roads. Their size and dimensions make them the most reliable vehicles on the road.

SUVs for off-roading

A SUV is an independent and pushing car. It is easy to drive even when the road is muddy or bumpy. The car is wide and heavy so that you will never have problems with off-road driving. By driving a 6-seater you can easily overcome the problem areas on the road and keep the balance. The wheels are also big and have contact between the chassis. The car will never tip over even if one of the wheels suddenly breaks.

SUVs for in-city traveling

Many people think that driving a 6-seater is difficult. Unlike smaller cars, SUVs are less flexible and not very convenient to drive in a city with heavy traffic. But it’s rather about the vehicle size, not a driving option. SUVs are easy to drive on the city roads and urban areas. Be aware of mountainous roads.

Speaking about parking, you will never have problems to park your car in the hotel parking or any other designated area. Nevertheless, it will not be convenient to leave the car in the restaurant parking or just on the street. It needs a lot of space.

Do you want to buy a SUV? Car rental agencies give you a unique chance to test the car. Contact them online and you can easily find the car that you need among the variety of brands and models. First, make a plan for your trip and decide which car will be the best option. We are hoping that with our small tricks and tips we helped you to plan your trip and select off the advantages and disadvantages of traveling with usage of 6-seater.