When will Cobra Kai Season 3 hit the screens? Here’s all you need to know!


Cobra Kai is an exceptional YouTube collection. It is a dramedy, i.e., has a perfect touch of Drama and Comedy. It is a continuation of Karate Kid and is an episodic genius.

The best part of this is, it is a narration of the film series from the perspectives of the characters like Jhonny Lawrence. This series made its debut on May 2, 2018, and then was running till April 2019.

A still from Cobra Kai

As per reports, YouTube renewed the series for the next installment on May 2, 2019. This is one of the most-watched series on YouTube. As of now, Season 2 has over 80 million views on YouTube.

All the fans of Cobra Kai are super thrilled to know about the release date of the third installment. Now, they are eagerly waiting for the same.

When will Cobra Kai Season 3 hit the screens?

As of now, we have no more information about the release date of Season 3. Due to the sudden outbreak of the Corona Virus, the premiere of the series is shelved. So, now as per the latest information, the show may release around December 2024 or by 2024.

Is there any teaser or trailer released for Season 3?

There was a statement that was sent out 11 weeks ago, but there was no information regarding any teaser release as of now. Also, teasers are generally released around the month of the premiere.

So, as of now, we have no further information regarding the teaser release. If, as per planning, the series can come out December, then we can expect the trailer by September or October.

Cobra Kai

What do we know about Cobra Kai Season 4?

Recently, the producers of the show said that they shot a little something called the “back-filming” for Season 4, after finishing the shoot for Season 3. The makers expect season 3 to do as good or even better than the other two seasons.

Since there is nothing more that they can do about the release of Season 3 at present, the producers are thinking about the ideas for Season 4.

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