When will Sword Art Online Season 4 hit the screens? Here’s all you need to know! (SPOILER ALERT)


Just after the end of part one of Sword Art Online Alicization ‘War of Underworld’, everyone was waiting for the second part. Finally, the time has come, now no more waiting, the release date of the second part is out.

Here’s a little warning before we begin, there are some spoilers for the Season in this post. Keep reading if you are curious enough to know more!

When will Sword Art Online Season 4 hit the screens?

Sword Art Online Alicization ‘War of Underworld Part 2’ commonly known as Sword Art Online Season 4, will be hitting the screens in July 2024. As of now, it was known that the first episode was going to release on 25 April 2024, but now it will not happen due to COVID19. This has undoubtedly disappointed the fans. But, now we can watch the show on Tokyo MX, MBS in Japan and Tochigi TV.

Sword Art Online Season 4
A still from Sword Art Online

Before the War of Underworld began, we saw Kirito, Alice, and Eugeo together defeating the Administrator. But, as of now, the after-effects of this event is looking fatal.

After this event was over, Eugeo was dead already, Alice was left alone to deal with the war, and Kirito was in a coma in both the virtual and real-world. The first part of the War of Underworld showed how Alice was trying her level best to keep the dark powers at bay and save her world. As the days were passing, it was becoming more difficult, and things were going out of her hands.

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Sword art online season 4

So, at this point, Alice needs help. In the upcoming part, we will see Kirito waking up and supporting Alice in all ways possible. We will see Kirito doing his best to sort things out between the good guys and the bad guys. It is effortless to say, but sure as hell challenging to do.

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