Deca Dence Season 2: Confirmed Release Date And Other Updates


Deca Dence, with its post-apocalyptic theme, got immense support from the viewers. With fans of Attack of Titans, searching for more similar theme, but they got a lot more than that were seeking. With the end of the season one and looking at the success they have achieved, they are going to release their Deca Dence season 2.

Fantastic animation, better fight animation than that of action anime out there. Also with following some of the capitalism and socialism and promising plot developments.

Deca Dence

Deca Dence Season 2 release:

With the season 1 release on July 8, 2024; the season got its end recently on September 23, 2024 accounting 12 episodes. Their 12 episodes have achieved more what average anime could. With following more of similar post-apocalyptic theme of Attack of Titan, we progressively get to know that the anime has its aura. With substantial individual character development, unique plot points, and better themes. This all summarized to get the anime to most viewed anime, and getting more than average rating.

Deca Dence

With this success, the follow-up season for the anime is more than expected. Altho there is no official announcement from the authorities. But in future if there are any announcement, we will keep updating. But until time, we can expect the season to get release sometime in 2022.

The first season of the anime can be air on Funimation and  Hulu with traditional Japanese audio and English subtitle.

About Deca Dence:

The anime settles in 2400, and is sci-fi themed, plots as a post-apocalyptic world which gets attacked bit giant creatures called Gadol. The people who are surviving distant themselves form a 3000 m tall fortress.

Deca-Dence Feature

The survived people divide themselves into two warriors and tankers, where warriors’ fights with Gadolls were as tankers stay at the fortress and manages everything there like gears and maintenance work.

The anime’s main character are Natsume, a teenage tanker girl; who dreams of joining warriors to fight Gadolls and Kaburagi who was a warrior but lost the ardour to fight.

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