Deca Dence Episode 7: Check out the updates here.

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The Deca Dence anime season one is almost there finish. What turn will the ongoing story of Kaburagi and Natsume? The upcoming episodes will have the response to the inquiry. Kaburagi is determined to help Natsume in each way. Be that as it may, in the war against Gadol, he disappeared! What occurs straightaway. Let us see ahead in the article. In the interim, we will run over the release date of Deca Dence Episode 7. Additionally, let us comprehend what occurred in the past episode.

Release Date of Deca Dence Episode 7

The last episode of the anime released on August 12, 2022. Consistently the new episodes air on Thursday or Wednesday. The timing of the airing of the episode is 23:30 (Japan Standard Time).

The upcoming Episode 7 will release on August 20, 2022.

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Already on episode 6

During the war, Kaburagi disappeared. He was taken to a different universe. That part can not get to the Deca Dence. With another cyborg, Kaburagi is working as a slave. It was saddening. In addition, to chat with Tanker young lady, Kaburagi needs to return to Deca Dence.

In the interim, Natsume is playing with a pet. She has no clue about where Kaburagi is! When Kureno got some information about Kaburagi, Natsume told him he has been missing for some time. However, she was determined to battle against Gadol and thrashing him. Be that as it may, Kaburagi attempts to escape from a different universe. In any case, the gatekeepers are more stringent than he anticipated.

Then, Jil approached the explanation behind Kaburagi to get away and go to Deca Dence. He answered. At that point after Donatello told him to participate in Divine Death, in that game, Kaburagi figured out how to crush Donatello. Likewise, while Donatello was drowning, Kaburagi helped him. On account of his devotion, everybody was dazzled. Later then Donatello told him a best approach back to Deca Dence.

Where to watch the anime

The episodes of Deca Dence anime are available on Funimation and Hulu

Both Hulu and Funimation do have all the episodes according to the schedule. All the episodes to 6 are available right now on both the platforms.

Moreover, the episodes have Japanese audio along with English subtitles. While you binge watch these episodes, Stay safe & we shall keep you updated.

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