Fire Force Season 2 Episode 8: Will Inca Return?


Fire Force season one was likely not as extraordinary according to viewers. In any case, huge numbers of them even loved to watch it. The work of art and plot, alongside fighting scenes, were noticeable. Fire Force has returned with season 2. To the unexpected viewers welcome it. It has reached to the halfway of the journey. Let us find out what occurred in the past episode.

When will Fire Force Season 2 Episode 8 release?

The past episode released on August 15, 2024. The most current episodes of the anime releases on Saturday consistently. Likewise, the airing season of the episodes is 1:55 AM (Japan Standard Time).

The upcoming Fire Force Season 2 Episode 8 will release on August 22, 2024.

Previously on episode seven

As Shinra is there in another nation, Lt. Pan tails him. Pan says the dirt of the nation is plentiful in vitamins and taste. The Lieutenant gets nostalgic. At that point after he arranges everybody on the matter of mission, he sums up about the reason.

Maya came there. Pan asked her what relates her to Takeru. Takeru reveals to Pan that she is his mom. While Maya and Takeru were talking, she said Takeru to concentrate on his crucial. Takeru must not stress over his family. Meanwhile, Maya told Takeru that some animal pulverized their town. Be that as it may, nobody from the town itself can do as such!

While all were starting their mission, the locals informed them to remain mindful of crooks and gas. Takeru lead the way. Meanwhile, they were assaulted by a beast. Nightcrawler was the beast. In any case, all were fruitful in defeating him. At that point, they were in a place where there is worms. Everybody battled for quite a while.

Then, Yota the crow stops by. Scot introduce him to Company 8. Likewise, they met infernals in the evening. In any case, Scot couldn’t see them because of helpless night vision.

Scot informed Shinra about infernals. They used to remain here for 250 years. In the interim, Shinra and Ogun saw innumerable infernals from the mountains. One Adola link shouted from the woods. He told Shinra to ensure the backwoods.

Where to watch?

The episodes of Fire Force Season 2 are accessible on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

While you binge-watch it, Stay Safe and Stay tuned, We promise to bring you fresh content each day.