Uzaki Chan Wants To Hang Out Episode 7: Uzaki & Sakurai Get Closer

Image: Crunchyroll

Uzaki Chan Wants To Hang Out episodes are getting better. Despite the fact that the starting was not adequate. Presently, as the series is going ahead, we are coming across intensity. Uzaki seems interested in Sakurai. Be that as it may, Sakurai has no clue about it. Uzaki’s friend did tricks to bring them closer in the last scene. Let us find out how it went.

Release Date of Uzaki Chan Wants To Hang Out Episode 7

The last episode went on air at August 14, 2024. Uzaki Chan Wants To Hang Out episodes show on Friday consistently. Also, the hour of airing the episode is 9:30 AM (Japan Standard Time).

The Uzaki Chan Wants To Hang Out Episode 7 will be releasing on August 21, 2024. The stages on which you may see the episodes are given ahead in this article.

Already on Episode 6

In the last scene, Uzaki went to an eatery where Sakurai works. She went there to help Sakurai. However, Sakurai was distraught at her as Uzaki told him to leave that activity prior. Uzaki makes Sakurai madder by telling him that she needed to see his unpleasant and insane at her face. In any case, finally, Uzaki reveals to Sakurai that mid-year break is coming. So, she needs some cash to spend. Thus, she came there to work.

Sakurai began helping Uzaki with the work according to the proprietors order. Sakurai was teaching her everything. He likewise told her to make jokes to customers. Notwithstanding, Uzaki denied. She was intense about the work. By looking at that earnestness, the proprietor of the café began laughing.

Then, Uzaki asks Sakurai whether he has any designs for this late spring. Sakurai answered that another game is coming soon. Also, he will play the game. In any case, Uzaki told him to leave the house instead of being in there inevitably. She proposed to go out. Uzaki said they could have summer break at the seashore. They all went to the seashore.

Aima encourages Sakurai and Uzaki to draw near. Aima was telling Sakurai that in the event that he disregards Uzaki Chan, somebody may hit on her. Although, Sakurai was telling her that how delightful Uzaki looks. However, Aima was distraught as he have to reveal to Uzaki this about her. Along these lines, Sakurai went to state to her. Aima is watching that Uzaki pushed Sakurai away tenderly. Aima got some information about what Sakurai told her. In any case, Uzaki with her timid face, said that he didn’t utter a word.

In the interim, Sakaki stunts Sakurai for playing watermelon squash. They began playing while Sakurai fell on the top of Uzaki. What occurred straightaway? Watch the scene for more story.

Where to watch?

You may watch the episodes on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and IMDb.

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