Why Do I Need a Truck Dispatcher?

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Every cargo transportation business needs a dispatch service. Without a doubt. Without these specialists, it will be very difficult for owner-operators to combine the work of a trucker, manager, and dispatcher. These people help to set up the transportation process, communicate with customers, collect the necessary documentation, and much more. There is no doubt about the need for the services of the dispatch company, which you can find here.

In this article, we will try to convince you that you need the services of a dispatcher.

Truck dispatchers: who are they and what are they doing?

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These specialists are engaged in the fact that they communicate closely with both drivers and customers. The dispatcher discusses the terms of delivery with customers, and the trucker needs to bring the cargo to a certain place. And that’s what the dispatcher organizes. With the help of calls, route planning, search for new orders, and negotiations with brokers. You, as a business owner, organize the work of all employees, and the dispatcher organizes the delivery itself.

What are the duties of a specialist?

  • Search for new orders

The dispatcher has a loading board on which both the transport company and customers post their offers. He is looking for the most profitable of them and contacts the client.

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  • Communication with the customer

The truck dispatcher communicates with the buyer who needs the cargo before shipment, during, and after delivery. During all this time, he provides the necessary information to the client, receives confirmations and necessary data, and sends invoices.

  • Route planning

Before the trucker sets off, the dispatcher plans the route of the trip in detail. He learns about the peculiarities of road rules in different states, undesirable roads for trucks, weather conditions, the risks of traffic jams, etc. As a result, the trucker will have a planned route along which he will get to his destination on time.

  • Communication with drivers

Truck dispatchers also communicate with drivers. They give new directions on the route, adjust the delivery time, and solve problems on the road remotely. In this case, the specialist should be friendly and stress-resistant.

  • Record keeping

The dispatcher keeps all the documentation that contains information about the departure, trip, and arrival of the truck.

  • Communication with brokers and collection of invoices

It is the dispatcher who talks to clients, and brokers about invoices. He must write them according to a template, make sure that they are sent to the right address, and that the money for the service has been received.

  • Search for potential customers

The truck dispatcher can also contact companies or private entrepreneurs who may be interested in cooperation with a cargo transportation company. He offers them favorable terms and agrees on the price of the service.

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  • Preparation of reports

These specialists should once in a while provide you as the owner-operator with reports on the work done, orders made and profits earned.

What is used in the work?

Truck dispatchers use a variety of tools every day for the efficient operation of transport companies. Owners-operators should know about this if you plan to hire a dispatcher for your headquarters. It means that you need to buy these tools for a specialist yourself. If you use the services of a dispatch company, then they already have purchased tools, applications, and web services for productive work. So, what do they use?

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  • Planning software

Thanks to this tool, you can quickly organize a route and plan trips for drivers. It is convenient for everyone. Truckers have a planned travel schedule, and the dispatcher sees the workload of drivers. What does this software show? The most important thing is a map on which you can see the movement of cargo in real-time.

  • A program for fleet management

The truck dispatcher is aware of which trucks are standing still and which are on the road, whether there have been any messages from drivers and who is better to entrust the work.

  • Driver search app

In cargo transportation, there are often urgent orders for which you urgently need to find a trucker nearby. This is what this software helps with.

What skills should a truck dispatcher have to work successfully?

We are sure that you have already realized that the dispatcher is necessary for your business. But there is another question — how to find a good specialist? We have an answer to that, too. Read below the key skills of a good truck dispatcher who will take your transport business to a new level.

Effective time management

In any business, time is money. And a good truck dispatcher knows that. Moreover, goods need to be delivered quickly, and they can be perishable. The dispatcher should be able to make a route so that the trucker has time to comfortably reach the destination, and the customer receives the cargo on time. There are also unforeseen situations in which you need to quickly find a solution.

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Stress resistance

It’s quite a nerve-wracking job. Therefore, the specialist shouldn’t give in to panic and stress. After all, he will convey these feelings to the client and the trucker and cooperation may cease. In order for everyone’s working days to pass in a good mood and at a fast pace, the truck dispatcher must be resistant to stressful situations.

Communication skills

The most important thing in this work is communication. Communication with drivers, customers, and owner-operators. And if it is tense or negative, cooperation won’t work. A good truck dispatcher should be able to quickly and profitably negotiate with customers, establish contact with truckers, and effectively convey information to the owner-operator.

Knowledge about trucks and software

While working with cargo transportation, a lot of new words and incomprehensible meanings may arise. It also requires a confident knowledge of special software.

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Analytical thinking

In planning routes for truckers, it is important to follow the logic and analyze information from the client.

So, now you understand that your business definitely needs the services of a dispatch company. With its help, you will be able to concentrate on managing your business, and not on organizational matters that take a lot of time.