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When will the Korean Drama Hospital Playlist Season 2 return to Netflix? Keep reading to know more!

Lately, the rumours were spreading that the Korean fantasy drama Hospital Playlist has been cancelled. But now the rumours are cleared, and we know that the show is happening.

Keep reading to know more.

Is Hospital Playlist Season 2 up for renewal?

As per reports, the show is ranked as one of the first shows in South Korea. It has also created a mark on the online streaming platform. All these reasons made sure that the show is returning.

Hospital Playlist
A still from Hospital Playlist

When will Season 2 hit the screens?

As per reports, the show will not release anytime before 2021. The latest news suggests that the shooting will begin next year, so, most probably, it will release by 2022. At present, the show has launched its first season on Netflix, which ended in May. This season had about 12 episodes.

So, looking at that, it will be too early to expect for a new season. Looking at the statistics, we can say that the craze for Korean shows is increasing everywhere, and the audience are eager to watch original content.

Who will be the cast members Hospital Playlist Season 2?

As of now, the known cast members are,

Jo Jung Suk,

Jung Kyung Ho,

Yo Yeon Seok,

Jeon Mi Do,

Kim Dae Myung, among others.

Hospital Playlist
Starcast of the show

What will be the plotline for Season 2?

Hospital Playlist revolves around a medical center. The show is all about a group of doctors and nurses who develop a great bond of friendship. Also, the highlight is they have a band.

Stay safe and keep reading for more updates.

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