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New Xbox console: August reveal confirmed?

A new report states that the all-new Xbox series S will get a proper release by August. From the last few months, we got many rumors about the release date and the features of the New Series S. But now a report has come out as the proof of all the rumors about the Series S of Xbox.

The all-new Series S will be the cheapest series of the Xbox. It is but obvious that we will get less-power in this next-generation console. As of now, we are all talking about this on the basis of the report. Microsoft hasn’t announced anything about the Series S till now.

New Xbox-Lockhart got delay 

The officials reveal status about the working process of the new Series of X-box. Earlier in June 2020, Microsoft had places to launch the cheapest version of the Xbox series. They called that Xbox as Lockhart. But Microsoft is still working on the console and haven’t launched it till now.

But now the public repose is so increased that Microsoft can’t ignore them.

Here, is the video from euro games about the S series.

They have captioned it as, “It’s almost time for the Xbox Series X Showcase where Xbox will be giving us our first look at next-gen gameplay from its global development partners with the Xbox Series X. But why watch it on your own when you can watch it with your Team Eurogamer pals instead! Join Aoife Wilson, Ian Higton, and Zoe Delahunty-Light for an hours worth of Xbox Series X Reaction and Analysis and a look at some brand new Series X gameplay!

Initially, Microsoft has planned to release the S series on the Xbox’s big E3 2020 show. So, they could explain it in depth. Also, they could launch the X and S series together. But unfortunately, the E3 show got canceled and because of some internal problems, they decided not to launch both series together.

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Earlier this month, spoke person Jeff Grubb said that Microsoft is saving the big June update for August. Everyone including us thinks that they are finally going to reveal Lockhart. The company arranged a show in July named as not pushed anything back. We hope that we will get the release of the Series S.

So, this is it for now. Stay tuned with us for more updates.


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