Dead Island Season 2: Is the zombie Game Cancelled?

Dead Island Season 2
Dead Island Season 2

Dead Island Season 2 is one of the famous and ass-kicking zombie games of all the Zombie franchises. The rumour is, the season 2 has been cancelled due to an unknown reason. But, is the news, right? Let’s check the details out on the following.

Dead Island 2: About

Dead Island season 2 is an upcoming survival horror, action, role-playing game. Dambuster Studios has developed, and Deep Silver has published it for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The gameplay is the sequel to the video game Dead Island, 2011. Dead Island 2 catches in an open-world of Los Angeles, San Francisco, and the unrevealed third spot in California.   This game’s combat has different mechanics than its forerunners, but the “rage” and crafting systems remain the same as it’s predecessors.

Why Dead island Season 2 Is Canceled?

Dead Island season 2
Dead Island season 2

The first game of Dead Island was created by Techland and achieved a master success. Afterwards, the developers plan for another sequel. In this time, they shifted their locus to Dying Light. Now, Dead Island, season 2 was passed to Yager Developments, and then to Sumo Digital. But it won’t stop till then; next ambuster Studios take the chance. The gameplay change from one hand to another. Now it is 2024, and still no official announcement is there.

Rumours Are Rumors! Don’t have an Ear

Due to no official announcement of the release date, many people take it as the cancellation. But, the news of cancellation is not valid. The game will release.

The confirmation of the release date becomes more supportive when interviewed Klemens Kundratitz. Kiemens is the CEO of Koch Media, and he owns Deep Silver Publishing and part of THQ Nordic.

During the interview, he explained, “Look, Dead Island is an essential brand for us, and we’ve got to get it right. It’s just a testimony of our dedication to getting it right. Saints Row is very close to our hearts, and we’ll talk about it next year. For the time being, we just wanted to get the word out that it’s coming and it’s going to be great.”

Dead Island Season 2 The Release Date:

Dead Island Season 2 will probably release in the Fall 2024 on the next-gen consoles, like the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

Earlier Kundratitz said that the delay is because of their dedication to their work. But, it seems that the Coronavirus pandemic create more effect in the game. Thus, the season 2 will release for sure, but when. It is not known till now.