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Superstore Set To Return With America Ferrera Post-Pandemic!

Superstore is one of the most popular sitcoms in the last decade. And now another new season is fast approaching after a successful five seasons. In 2020, it seems like nothing is avoiding the wrath of the topical mammoth that the global pandemic is.

Taking about this show, if you love The Office or Unbreakable Kimmy Schmitt, Audiences would definitely consider watching this show. It’s got a quirky comedy and a unique fusion of characters. If you like those nuanced qualities, this show may be for you.

However, all that to the side because it’s good news coming for the fans. Often with ensembles like these, it’s difficult to hold the core, but the creators are finding ways to do it.

Superstore Media
The consistent core casting stalwarts of Superstore in action for season 4.

Is America Ferrera gone for good?

After a wonderful stint of this show for over five years is all set to end for America Ferrera. For the passionate fans who follow everything going on in behind the scene will know that she won’t continue with the series. The character of Amy, who’s pretty much the protagonist of this series has lent her expertise for as long as the show’s existance.

However, was the last appearance of Amy in the comic franchise really the last? The answer is NO. According to the creators of the show, Amy’s character will get a proper send-off from the infamous Cloud-9 Superstore. Showrunners, Jonathan Green and Gabe Miller had this to say when talking about the prospects of a dream farewell.

“The second episode (of season six) will cover Amy’s last day at Cloud 9, so we can fully give her the sendoff she deserves, It’s also Superstore‘s 100th episode, so we’re excited that America will be celebrating that milestone with us.”

This means that America will depart the shores of this franchise after completing One-Hundred episodes.

Superstore Media 1
America Ferrera is the core cast member and deserves a classic send-off, and it looks like she’ll get one.

Future theme of the series moving into season six:-

In the same conversations the two men helming the series had news to share about the feel of the new season. Green and Miller reported that the next season will definitely be one sharing the universal tensions regarding the pandemic. It’s also very obvious on seeing the poster with the whole cast having masks on the face. Here’s what the two men had to say-

“There will be time LAPSEs within the episode taking us through the early months of the pandemic, AFTER WHICH WE WILL gradually catch up to where things are now. We’ll show how all of our characters are handling the uncertainty, the panicky and difficult customers, and the new demands of the job.”

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