A Man Who Cheated $80K From Ladies He Met On Dating Apps Sentenced To Prison


A man who cheated thousands of dollars from women using dating programs was sentenced to prison. Discover how long the successive scammer got indoors…

A sequential scammer who defrauded thousands of bucks from women through dating programs has discovered his fate.

Hill was able to swindle the money from the Alpharetta woman after convincing her that he was a millionaire and in just a week of their assemblage on the relationship website, they admitted for married. The riches he asked her was meant to go ahead of the purchasing of the very first residence and also for furniture. After she delivered him the cash, POOF! He vanished.

The woman had no idea Hill was living in a apartment in Duluth using another woman and a kid. Researchers revealed Hill had shifted his name over five days in the previous 3 decades and supposedly committed relevant offenses in Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, and New Jersey. At the moment, it is uncertain if he covers charges from these countries.

Hill was asked to cover the Alpharetta girl $83,500 in reimbursement and signal on a white BMW he bought with all the cash he took from her. The judge banned him from creating an internet dating profile .