ALIEN’s Fossil Being Studied By NASA After Rover Discovers It On Mars


Alien is something that’s presently only used for producing catchy and interesting content for films because, in fact, none of bureaus has supplied us the existential evidence for all these animals.

However, the long lost puzzle could have been solved with the pros of NASA.

The specialists have claimed to have seen an alien fossil of a monster on Mars in among NASA’s photographs and dependent on the picture supplied by the bureau, it seems as though the fossil consists of a fish-like monster.

The picture of this strange object was seen by Scott Waring of all ET Data Base.

From the photograph, the rover is observed surrounded by stones of various sorts of shapes.

Upon closer review at a certain spot, Scott mentioned that the thing is most likely the fossilized remains of an alien monster on Mars.

When you take a look at it carefully, it is going to look like fish but something cannot be said for certain, if this fossil has been discovered on the place that’s thought to have been full of water several many decades back.

Based on Waring, this isn’t the first time when he’s come across a fossil within NASA’s picture. He explained,” I had been searching over Curiosity rover photographs and discovered that a fish fossil the rover arm was analyzing, I could just find 1 photograph with the bass fossil in it. It’s only one fish fossil I’ve ever seen and noted, but the fourth or third over the decades .”

Based on Waring, the fossils have good detail and according to him that the eyes, mouth, as well as the tail of the fossil have been clearly seen and it’s quite apparent that this stone is only a fossil of the alien species.