Ashley Cain’s Daughter Diagnosed With Leukemia: Shares Heartbreaking Message In A Post

Ashley Cain's Daughter Diagnosed With Leukemia

Ashley Cain’s Daughter Diagnosed With Leukemia: The 30-year-old shared the tragic news on Instagram. He said that his daughter Azaylia Diamond, who he shares with Safiyya Vorajee, is battling cancer. A ‘sporadic and aggressive form’ of cancer. Ashley Cain posted a video of himself whispering words of encouragement to his daughter. And who was sleeping under a blanket. And Cain penned in the caption: ‘Yesterday I had to go through something no parent in the life should have to go within. The single most upsetting, terrifying, and unbearable struggle I have ever been through. 

Ashley Cain's Daughter Diagnosed With Leukemia

I found out my lovely daughter Azaylia Diamond Cain was diagnosed with a short and aggressive form of leukemia. And which has many complications. Everybody who covets to, please say a prayer for my beautiful, brave little girl Azaylia, who is currently struggling a battle for her life! Ashley Cain’s Daughter Diagnosed With Leukemia.

JLS’s Aston Merrygold left a sympathy emoji. And while fellow Ex On The Beach star Joss Mooney inscribed: ‘Sending love and attention bro.’ Love Island’s Georgia Harrison, who starred adjacent Cain in MTV’s The Challenge. She added: ‘I love you so very ash anything I can do to support you just let me know. It is working to be okay ????? , praying for you.’ Cain’s lover Safiyya shared a post to her Instagram stories expressing: ‘I have so many messages entreating for our baby girl. Thank you. Ashley has posted on his Instagram page, which has brought all the notes to myself as well.

They Thank Everyone: After Ashley Cain’s Daughter Diagnosed With Leukemia.

‘Thank you so much. I can’t acknowledge at the min. It’s a difficult time for the US to interact with everyone so, please don’t think I’m rude. And I recognize all the invocations, so if you could do me one, I would love that. Baby AZAYLIA DIAMOND CAIN MUMMY AND DADDY LOVE YOU LET’S GO CHAMP!!!!!!!’

She also posted a sweet image of her kissing her daughter. And with the caption: ‘Thank you for the love and support. Love Azaylia and me.’

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