Attack On Titan: Final Panel Announced! Exciting Stuff Inside

Fans of the Japanese manga are waiting to see how the tale of the Titan ends.

Attack On Titan is a Japanese manga series, now adapted, written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. Although some might say, there has been a splurge of anime, quality still rules. And brilliance seeps through in the execution of the series.

However, we are excited about the buzz around the upcoming new installment. The show debuted in 2013 and has completed three seasons. Fans have gone gaga over the freshness of the content. Although some people complain about the falling quality of new animes, this is the opposite.

Isayama has created a world with enough excitement for all ranges. Grown-ups love the varying dynamics of the series. Although it’s not bland at all, the Younger audience will still have fun.

Attack On Titan Anime poster
The fourth installment of “Attack On Titan” is the last for the franchise.

Messy Schedule for the final season:-

The global pandemic and the subsequent precautionary lockdowns have delayed multiple productions. However, this inspired numerous reports indicating that the upcoming seasons would be pushed back. Japan, which is the epicenter for the show, is no different.

Although there’s no official confirmation from the production house, there is some news. The Schedule is revised, but the show isn’t pushed that far out.

The franchise finale will come out in late 2023 or early 2023 by the latest. So that’s a bitter-sweet news with the postponement not being that huge.

Viewer reactions to the show:-

This anime is better than most shows currently made, for the simple reason it’s so detailed. The brilliant and compelling characters and the world they live in feels as though the writers put a lot of thought into it. It’s very fleshed out, which adds to the immersion while watching it. You feel fully invested in each episode and on the edge of your seat during cliffhangers or revelations, of which there are plenty thanks to the intelligent and ever-expanding storyline. It’s not slapdash or strange and difficult to follow like some lesser anime’s. It’s genuinely delightful writing.

Throw in the fantastic soundtrack, the adrenaline-filled action and fight scenes, and the heartwarming characters, their relationships, and emotion that is displayed from great voice actors, both English & Japnese. And you have a show that no others will come close to for a very long time. Audiences almost don’t want it to end, but the upcoming season is the last.

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