Black-ish: Election Themed Special Coming Before Season 7

Black-ish Feature
Fans of Black-ish are looking forward to an important step for the series.

A special appearance for Black-ish is on the horizon. Although it’s more than just another special by just another show on TV. The whole series has a life of its own with special cultural importance in America.

US Television is so of similar storylines that this one jumps out. Diversity has become fashionable in last year or two, but Black-ish does it without shoving it in your face.

The Sitcom revolves around the life of an African-American family. The characters who lead the series are Dre and Rainbow Johnson. The whole show seems to be aiming at satire. Also, it tries to sway people away from the stereotypes put onto the community.

Black-ish Media
ABC’s Black-ish cast returns in a critical time, not in the fictional world but reality.

Details about the impending special:-

It is going to be a lot different for regular viewers of the Sitcom. Meanwhile, the show will be animated for a significant part. The whole creative CG work will form the majority of this show.

The special will be one hour long and be developed as in live-action. And two episodes will be aired back-to-back as a two-part story. Academy Award winner Matthew A. Cherry will direct the new release.

The focus will surely be on the upcoming US Presidential elections. The profoundly political times will be taken on with much more fun. Genre of the original suggests this will also be funny to some extent. Following the story of Dre as a first-time voter will make it very very interesting.

The soul of Black-ish and its brilliance:-

An incredibly strong team of actors that delivers some of the best lines out there crisply edited and strung together. Great mix of short comedic moments wrapped around a couple of larger storylines, one frequently with a warm heartwarming touch.

It has run for six seasons now successfully avoiding traps seen in other shows where the characters fall out of the original character. It pokes fun at most all things stereotypically covered elsewhere.

Why did it get cancelled?

Some people find the series racist and problematic and that’s the reason it was pulled out from TV by ABC. It might not be a problem to the creator, Kenya Barris, Although it surely was for the producers.

The cheeky strikes were perceived as hate towards whites and many more allegations were put on. Meanwhile, The show did not survive the pushback and was put off air at the end of the Sixth instalment.

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