Is It Worth Buying A Pricey Electric Toothbrush?


The right brush is all that you need to keep your gums and teeth healthy. Also, it will take adequate care of your oral health so that you don’t have to suffer from any gum-related problems. There are two types of brushes available in the market, namely, the traditional ones and the electrical ones. Undoubtedly, the electric one has the edge over the traditional ones owing to the host of advantages offered. However, is it worth buying a pricey electric toothbrush?

Generally, people do not take oral hygiene benefits seriously. This is the reason why they buy just any toothbrush from the market. If the right toothbrush is not selected, then your mouth will not be cleaned properly. In such a scenario, dirt and germs will get accumulated on your teeth. Due to the accumulation of dirt, blood will start to come out of the gums and will lead to numerous teeth and gum-related problems. This is the reason why you should always choose the right brush.

Hence, you should consider buying a good-quality electric toothbrush. However, as the popular saying goes, “good quality products come with steep price tags,” you will have to spend a good amount of money to buy a good quality electric brush. However, is it worth the investment? In this article, we will answer this question.

Before we take a look into the advantages of using electric toothbrushes, let us first understand why adequate brushing is important.

The Significance Of Finding a Good Toothbrush

In order to keep your teeth properly clean, you will have to find a high-quality toothbrush. While some people buy regular toothbrushes, they are not quite adequate and they cannot clean all the cavities.

Therefore, you might as well think about an electric brush. After that, make sure that an electric toothbrush has all the right additions to it, to clean your tongue as well. The battery will not be a problem as it can last quite a long time. In order to find the best electric toothbrush, check out

Keep in mind that electric toothbrushes are costlier than their manual counterparts. However, they offer a host of benefits. Some of them are mentioned as follows:

Improvement In Oral Hygiene


ADA published a journal in which they concluded that the electric brushes are a better option and can easily outperform the manual ones. A study was conducted in which over 80% of the patients were asked to use electric ones. After switching their toothbrush, they concluded that their oral hygiene improved. Hence, it is of no surprise that a lot of dentists recommend the use of electric toothbrushes more.

Patients who use electric brushes enjoy the benefits of plague removal and reduced risk of gum diseases. Also, an electric brush has the capability of reaching deep areas in your mouth that cannot be reached by the manual ones.

One of the major health benefits of using an electric brush is that you can change the head as per your preferences. You can choose to use either a soft one or a hard brush head. Also, with electric toothbrushes, you are not required to scrub hard to remove the germs. Moreover, you can set a timer in your toothbrush, and it will clean your mouth within that period.

Recommended For People Who Suffer From Gum Related Problems

These toothbrushes are very comfortable to use. Doctors recommended people who suffer from oral health problems to use these brushes. This is generally because the vibrations caused by these brushes help to alleviate the pain. It also helps the children brush their teeth more effectively.

Easy To Use


These toothbrushes are better alternatives to common brushes, especially for children. You generally have to teach the children how to use a common brush to clean their teeth properly. However, with an electric brush, you need not worry about anything. All you need to do is switch it on, and it will do its job.

Better Plaque Removal

As per recent research, it was concluded that the electric toothbrush removes plaque way better than the common ones.  Also, they last for a long time, and thus they are worth the investment.

Different Modes For Brushing


These toothbrushes have different brushing modes, which prove to be a boon for people with sensitive teeth. They also have pressure sensors attached which give alert signs when you brush very hard. At the same time, it also provides digital reminders, which tell you when to change the brush head. This way, you will be able to take care of your oral health in a better way.

Right Amount of Force

People using traditional brushes often become aggressive, and they often brush their teeth with extra force. However, by using an electric brush, extra pressure need not be applied. It exerts just the right amount of pressure required to brush your teeth. With minimal pressure, they get the job of brushing your teeth easily done.

Less Use Of Hands


Electric brushes also work best for people who suffer from several other medical conditions, for example, arthritis. With automated toothbrushes, they will not have to use their hands much, and less motion of hands is required while brushing. All you need to do is move the toothbrush around in your mouth, and it will handle the task of brushing on its own.

It is the best choice for older people as well. These brushes ensure adequate cleaning, and with them, you will not have to look back at their manual counterparts.


Though traditional brushes are cost-effective, they cannot do the desired cleaning. The amount you save by not buying an electric brush will probably be spent on getting your germ-infected teeth treated by a dentist.

Moreover, you will have to endure a great deal of pain in getting your teeth treated. According to the famous proven, “Prevention is better than cure,” it is recommended to buy electric brushes. They are a bit pricey, but they are worth the investment. With them, you can take good care of your oral health.