Top Cat Breed Guide When Choosing A CBD Product in 2024


Speaking to industry professionals no matter the service or product you are considering is always a good idea, not only do they have the knowledge and experience of the product, but essentially from speaking to hundreds of customers like yourself wanting to know more, they can offer expert advice.

I used to dread asking salespeople any questions, firstly because they always seem to be counting down the hours till it’s time to clock off and go down the pub, and so have very little interest invested into your actual question. Secondly, if they are older than you they try to instill every last piece of known information known to them onto you, drowning you with facts in the hope you will succumb to the onslaught and purchase what you enquired about.

Both situations are far from ideal and hence the reason I try to do my own research, for the most part, sometimes successfully, other times not so much. In this case, however, speaking to a consultant was the only option I could afford and so proceeded with my little piece of paper of questions and headed out.

Leave it to the experts.


Having heard a lot about a product called CBD, its health benefits, the fact that it was chemical and toxin-free, and that they had a large variety of products tailored to different cat breeds. We have an unusual cat we adopted while traveling the world, but after many years and air miles together it seems that life has taken its toll on her.

I understand that we all have to grow old sometimes, but we wanted her to do so gracefully and most importantly without pain, and this initial reason began my homework project into CBD. I had read countless amounts of blogs, success stories, and customer reviews and so decided to order a batch in the hope it would give my princess a better quality as she approached her ‘golden years.’

If you are considering this yourself then I can understand why it may feel overwhelming, to begin with, but see here for more information, not only can you read up about a vast number of feline breeds, but the specific products tailored to them and their individual needs. It blew my mind at the specificity of detail you could get into, and my kitty is purring day and night.

Knowing what it is and what to look for.


This is the only step where people who have not taken the liberty of attaining even a small amount of understanding into the product, either get sold a batch of product that has essentially been diluted or is not a genuine article, to begin with.

There are certain packaging details you can check, for some quick insight into how CBD manufacturers go about labeling their products and this way you have a back door look into what is or is not considered a necessity.

If your bottle does not have some of the criteria it should raise a red flag, and you are better off spending that little bit extra and shopping from a well-known and reliable source.
Check to see the concentration level of CBD, you are paying money to see and feel an effect, and this can’t happen if the quantity is not viable in the first place. You should be made aware of the dosage required, or recommended, and for it to be visible.

Check the website for their customer reviews and rating section, this is a quick indication of the quality of the product you are thinking of purchasing and how they found its potency and efficacy related to the cost as well as authenticity.

CBD for animals in general.


Some people, although they are looking for and wanting a healthier option for their pets, may still be hesitant to use a product that has essentially been manufactured by the marijuana family. While this is true, it has however been sourced from the majority of Hemp, a plant and flower that is naturally low in THC.

You can be safe in knowing your pet will not experience the ‘euphoric high’ feeling you get when taking pure marijuana or products stemmed from the plant that contains levels of THC above the safety regulation of 0.03%.

With an organic market on the rise offering products that are all-natural and free from chemicals and harmful pesticides, your pet can receive the health benefits it deserved and more on top of those too.

If you are at all still worried or have an inkling of concern over whether or not to try CBD, you can always google online and read an interesting fact file on the features of CBD, and why it is becoming highly recommended for ailment treatments.

A final thought.

We have all heard the list of positives CBD brings to the table and one of the contributing factors to its popularity is that it is manageable, and provides a toxic-free therapy option as opposed to forcing the body to try to dissolve, digest, or break down complex chemical components.

Treating inflammation, stress, and anxiety, and even cases as severe as chronic gout and cancer have been documented with much success. While it may not be a cure for cancer it does fight the growth of protein cancer-causing tumors feed on, thus significantly slowing down if not eliminating this disease.

Take your CBD step today and experience the quality of life you have only heard about for your pet.