Chris Sligh: American Idol Finalist Hospitalized After Testing COVID-19 Positive.

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Chris Sligh, a brilliant American singer, has tested positive for the Coronavirus. On Tuesday (June 27), he announced that he got a positive report and also got hospitalized for the treatment of the Coronavirus.

Chris Sligh is a famous singer and also a finalist of American Idol. He also announced that his family, including his children named Keira, 9, and McCartney 7, also tested positive for the Covid-19. But the happiest thing for Chris is, his children “have completely recovered” from the corona. Also, her wife, Sarah, is getting a wonderful recovery.

Chris Sligh was admitted tot eh hospital after seeing the symptoms of corona on July 6. Now, his health is becoming more serious. He stated that, “He was diagnosed with double pneumonia and is at home recovering.”

Chris Sligh shares his hospitalized picture on Instagram.

On the above Instagram picture, we can see that how he is getting the treatment for COVID. He captioned the picture as “My World Right Now. COVID Suuuu**cks

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My world right now. Covid suuuuucks.

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On another post, Chris Sligh shared his thoughts and experience of this moment. He stated that, “I’ll try to reach out to as many people as I can individually, but publicly let me say thank you for the prayers & kind words.
I have COVID that has devolved into pneumonia. Breathing without pain or coughing is difficult & I didn’t get much sleep last night, But hopefully the antibiotics do their work and fast.
Thank you again for your love. It means a lot to me. I still covet your prayers & good thoughts.”
He also thank everyone on the other post and the comment section. He thinks that his family recovers very well because of the prayers of everyone.
This pandemic situation affected everyone, whether you are a star or a big politician. So, please do take care of yourself and stay at home. So this is it about the singer Chris Sligh. Stay tuned with us for more news and updates.