Creepshow Season 2: Marilyn Manson, Ted Raimi Confirmed In The Cast List

Creepshow Season 2

Creepshow Season 2: Casting is warming up for Shudder’s Creepshow Season 2. And with Marilyn Manson and Ted Raimi just declared for the horror anthology sequence.

Casting is warming up for the second season of Creepshow. And with Marilyn Manson and Ted Raimi among those just started to make appearances on the horror anthology series. Based on 1982’s vintage Stephen King/George Romero specialty film collaboration Creepshow. And it’s not quite as important 1987 sequel, Creepshow debuted last year on Shudder. And the horror-centric streaming assistance, with unique impressions master-turned-director Greg Nicotero. (The Walking Dead) The first season highlighted a diverse slate of actors. And it including Giancarlo Esposito, Adrienne Barbeau, Kid Cudi, and Kate Freund. And along with a substation slate of directors so as Tom Savini, Rob Schrab, and Nicotero himself.

Creepshow Season 2

The star potential for Creepshow season 2 was such a good start. Notwithstanding, it was previously on the rise last month when it announce. And it told that Anna Camp (Pitch Perfect), Adam Pally (Happy Endings), and Keith David (They Live) would all direct up onscreen. Anticipation ratcheted up yet further when Shudder revealed it would premiere an animated Creepshow special on October 29th. And as it emphasizing animated adaptations of novels by Stephen King and his son Joe Hill, with Kiefer Sutherland heading up the voice cast with Joey King.

Creepshow Season 2

The casting update is great news so far. And it is suitable for Creepshow fans because it confirms that Shudder is splashing some resources into the show. And it was growing on the energy of the fan-favorite series’ first season. Always provocative Marilyn Manson’s strength be considered stunt casting. And but there’s no uncertainty he fits supremely within the milieu of the production. Casting Raimi, meanwhile, is the terminal fan service because he has been in various beloved flicks over the years. Let us hope to see this coming super soon.

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