Dark Matter Season 4 – 2024 Storyline, Cast, Dates, Facts

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Space is interesting and we all know it. While geeks enjoy the study of it, fans like us enjoy functional stories that are based on space. One such television series that stole our hearts was Dark Matter. The arrival of its fourth season is a mystery that we have solved for you.

A Peek Into The Storyline

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Three seasons and thirty-nine episodes later, fans have been left wondering about the unbelievable effect that it had on everyone.

Space-based science fiction starts with all the characters waking up from their sleep. They fail to recapitulate their memories from the past, including their names. Hence, they are named based on the sequence in which they leave their slumber place.

The television series revolves around the search for their identities with a blend of action-adventure sequences. As the series progresses, every character realizes that they possess a special skill like flying an airplane and fighting with a weapon, to name a few. The characters are assisted by a female android.

The later seasons deal with their survival at a mining colony as they struggle to fight the evil forces.

The Cast

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The Canadian-based television series had a huge list of characters that were portrayed by talented actors. Some of the main characters were The Android, Two, and Three played by Zoie Palmer, Melissa O’Neil, and Anthony Lemke, respectively. All the actors reprise their roles in every season of the series.

Dark Matter ran from 2015 to 2017 and it also featured Marc Bendavid in the role of One, Alex Mallari Junior as Four, and Jodelle Ferland as Five.

Season two and season three had a special appearance by Melanie Liburd, who portrayed Nyx Harper.

When Can We Expect The Release

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Dark Matter was adapted in the format of television by Syfy. It was created by Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie as a graphic novel. It was meant to remain a graphic novel but after understanding that the adoption would lead to an increase in the popularity of the series, the creators agreed and took the bold step of getting it on the television screen of every household.

Since the series is entirely based on the graphic novel of the same name, the release of the fourth season largely depends on when the creators come up with the next part of the series in the form of a graphic novel. The series, till then, stands canceled. The same has been confirmed by Syfy. There was no proper reason quoted by the channel and fans are still perplexed about the series being canceled as it had one of the best ratings on the internet.

Things You May Want To Know About Dark Matter Season 4

The third season ended with a cliffhanger. The troop was seen receiving a new threat from the wormhole. Their survival was shown as a huge question mark as the new threat meant the invasion of their destination.

The fourth season can pick up from this point and show them continuing to struggle for survival.

Summing It Up

A lot of adventure is left in the series. The possibility of it coming back for the fourth season may be a mystery but keeping an eye for it may be worth it.