Details of Sanditon out? Is the wait over?

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Sanditon Season 2: Release Date And Renewal Updates On Netflix?

Sanditon is a historical show which is made on the incomplete novel of Jane Austen. The setting of the show is based in Britain.
First season of the show was released last year in 2019 in UK but at the start of thus year,ir was broadcasted in US also. The story is based on the life experience of a girl Charlotte Heywood in which she transits from a time of changing society and its beliefs.
As its been more than 6 months since its release, fans and viewers of the show are anticipating about the second season. Here are some of the information regarding the same.
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Has Sanditon Been Renewed For Season 2?

In the current time period in which makers of the show spill beans regarding continuation of the shows after its release or sometimes even before uts release. But that hasn’t been the case of Sanditon as there hasn’t been any statement of the same. It is suspected that due to its below par performance makers may discontinue the show and leave it after season 1. It was discouraged because of its unclear and refracted plot, but its too early to hump in conclusions.
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When Can We Expect The Renewal And Release Of Season 2?

The season 1 of Sanditon didn’t had a Happy ending which is very unlike Jane Austen as she is known for happy endings. So, this can be an indication for season 2. But it is not going to release any time soon keeping in mind there hasn’t been any revelations regarding the same abd also the current Corona apocalypse.