My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 79: Know About It!

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My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 79

My Hero Academia Vigilantes is an ongoing manga series. The manga is soon going to release chapter 79 of the series. Here are some updates about the release date along with the insight into the last chapter.

About My Hero Academia:

The story takes inspiration from elements in superhero comics. These include the aesthetics of the characters.

The storyline of My Hero Academia centers a boy named Izuku Midoriya. He had no superpowers known as the ‘Quirks’ at the time of his birth. Despite this, he longed to become a hero by his own potential. Japan’s greatest hero, All Might, investigates him and shares his quirk with him after learning about his potential and ability. Later, he helps Midoriya to enroll him for training in a renowned high school for heroes.

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The manga received the Harvey Award for Best Manga in 2019. It received high appreciation and a positive response from both the critics and the audience. Also, it is considered as one of the best of the 2010s.

My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 79: Releasing Soon!

According to the latest updates, My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 79 will come out on June 12, 2024, Friday. The chapters of the manga get released twice a month.

The latest chapters of My Hero Academia Vigilantes are readily available online soon after they get released. They are available on VIZ Media as well as manga plus official platforms of Shueisha.

The raw scans are generally released a few days before the actual release of the chapters.

Chapter 78 Recap: “Inferno”

My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 78 was titled as ‘Inferno.’

The chapter began with Kazuho having a memory as a child. After watching television, out of curiosity, she asked her mother about the people that appeared on television. To this, her mother replied that they were celebrities like Heroes or performers. Thinking about her career option, Kazuho’s mother told her that she could go down the path that best suited her. Thus, Kazuho decided to be a singer or a dancer.

With this, the memory ends, and Queen Pop appears prepared to attack the streets of Nahurata while singing and dancing. Nearby, Compass Kid patrolled the streets, chatting with Rock. Suddenly, an explosion interrupts their talk, followed by some more.

Queen Pop used her Queen Bee Quirk and hijacked the radio spectrum. Also, she broadcast her rampage. Compass Kid’s attempt to call the HQ also did not work. Thus, they decided to empty the place as soon as possible to save the civilians. Within no time, more and more heroes came there but could do nothing against Queen Pop as she played the musical theme “Inferno.”

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My Hero Academia Vigilantes – Queen Pop

While the situation continues to go worse, Koichi and Kazuho’s friends take over Hopper’s Cafe to watch the rampage. Ichimoku asks if there is something that they could do, but the condition was too worse to deal with.

Koichi came to cool off at Knuckleduster’s warehouse when he saw the attack. Thus, he communicated to Soga, and they decided to take a quick action against Queen Pop. She uses her Bomb Bee to fail all the attempts of the heroes and causes even more destruction. Detective Naomasa witnesses this scene where he sees the lack of formation among the heroes.

Suddenly, Endeavor protests the sickening music played by Queen Pop and seems ready to take action against her. He wants to show Queen Pop what real inferno is!

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Expectations from My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 79:

After the release of My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 79, the audience will have a lot more to discover about the manga. They will witness how Endeavor deals with Queen Pop and whether he will succeed or not. Also, there will be many new adventures and action-packed thrills in the upcoming chapter. This will be an excellent addition to the anticipation of the readers.

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My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 79


My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 79 will release soon this month. The heroes will return with a more powerful team and strength. Also, the audience will get to witness an exciting battle between Queen Pop and the heroes.