My Hero Academia Season 5: Is the release confirmed for 2024?


My Hero Academia is one of the favorite anime of all the anime lovers out there. It has been one of the top anime since it started streaming back in 2016. The show is creating quite a buzz now. The news of Season five’s confirmation is making it difficult for fans to control their excitement. So, here are all the latest updates you should be aware of.

Release Date: My Hero Academia Season 5

Season 4 of My Hero Academia finished just a few weeks ago. And the news about the show coming back with a new season, i.e., season 5, is already out. The last episode of Season 4 aired on April 4th, 2024. And the declaration with Season 5 was made before the release of this last episode. A post on the anime’s Twitter account confirms the same. The post also features visuals from the upcoming season.

Translation of the post: “The fifth season of Hiroaka comes! My Hero Academia TV anime 5th production decision! New visuals are also lifted!”

Even the Weekly Shōnen Jump’s official Twitter account posted on April 2nd regarding the same.

Although no official date is declared, we can expect season 5 to go on air in 2024 if everything goes fine. Keeping view of the current situation, it is quite unfair to expect season 5’s release this year only. The global pandemic is the cause behind the delay of many upcoming shows, new episodes, movies, etc.

My Hero Academia has initially been a Japanese superhero manga series. Later, the manga was readapted into series.

Recap to Season 4:

The season starts with the introduction of The Big 3, and the Hero Work-Studies program for first years.
Following these occasions, U.A. Secondary School has its yearly U.A. School Festival. The notorious pair hindered the event. Not long after the School Festival, Endeavor gets his spot as the Number 1 Hero. This drives him to work with the recently selected Number 2 Hero Hawks.
Days after, Izuku has a puzzling dream highlighting the One For All Vestiges and himself seeing in return between All For One and the first For All client.

What will happen in My Hero Academia Season 5?

My Hero Academia season 5’s plot will showcase Endeavor’s journey with his new Number One Superhero position. Along with his dealings to fix his relationship with his family. There will be more improvements with everybody’s advancement in U.A. High. Class 1-A contends with Class 1-B, and the show’s plot keeps on growing. Izuku Midoriya, in particular, will have some significant changes as the story progresses in Season 5.

Stay tuned for more latest updates on the anime series.