Boruto: More Information On Momoshiki Takeover


Boruto, chapter 45, is going to release soon. In it, Konoha may get an edge over Kara, which is the mysterious organization that the village is the opposing to throughout the manga series. But considering the latest plot development, it could be possible that there could be a comeback for Momoshiki. Also, his return could prove to be a great risk for the village.

One of the primary help for Konoha to gain an advantage over Kara could be with the coming of Amado. In the 45th chapter of Boruto, its possible the scientist of Kara will help Konoha leader to make them accept his withdrawal.


Now that Konoha has all the above information of its enemies like their identities, powers, abilities, and much more, they can quickly deal and defeat their enemies.
But the fact is that, even if Konoha doesn’t harm Kara, their future comes blurred. The relationship of its people was going down. Also, the 45th chapter is featuring a fight between Kara’s most reliable people, Jigen, and Koji.

But still, Konoha can easily win over Kara due to the information leak by the scientist. The threat can be anything and anyone. And it’s suspected that it can come from Boruto as well.


In the fight Against Kara member Boro, Boruto felt like a completely different person. His team noticed this as well. But knowing that Boruto has no clue and memory of the fight increases the suspicion that Momoshiki has almost taken over Boruto’s mind. Now it’s possible to think Momoshiki causes even Amado’s defection.