My Hero Academia Season 5: Confirmed, Get a sneak-peek into the plot and release date!

My hero Academia Season confirmed. IMAGE: Wallpapers Abyss

There’s enough buzz around the release of the recently announced Season 5 of My Hero Academia. We’ve gathered all you would want to know about it.

My Hero Academia Season 5 confirmed?

Anime has recently announced the season 5 of My Hero Academia, which is possibly the most loved anime TV series for all the anime lovers out there. This gave rise to a huge wave of excitement among anime fans. The announcement was made on anime’s Twitter handle. It’s official for sure!

This globally acclaimed TV series is based on the Superhero Manga series. ‘My Heroes Academia: Two Heroes’ and ‘My Heroes Academia: Heroes Rising’ were the two variations that followed. The latter, which was out on February 26, gave a new dimension to anime stories.

Season 4 of My Hero Academia began airing on October 12, 2018, in Japan. Though the 25 episodes long series is yet to release its last few episodes, the next season has been officially confirmed.

My Hero Academia Season 4 (Image: Wallpaper Abyss)

The plot of My Hero Academia part 5

A lot more pages are still unturned, and we are very intrigued about what the remaining episodes of season 4 will bring to the table. Therefore, the fans have been going through a delightful phase of doubled-up anticipation. What turns will the final episodes take? What will be the plot of season 5 of My Hero Academia? The list of questions is never-ending!

A short teaser has been released, which is, in a way promising for fans. We are expecting it to be the best of all the seasons. The release date has not been confirmed. But, if we look at the pattern in duration between new season releases, we can safely expect season 5 to come out in 2024. Good news, people!

What to expect from the next season?

Though there is no sure-shot prediction about how Season 4 will end and from where Season 5 will pick up, there are some possibilities that we can consider. Supposedly, the story will be revolving around Class I A and I B students and how they will face each other to magnify their talent and strengths. Conjecture also suggests that the silent yet mighty kid of I B, Hitushi Shinso might be the center of the storyline. Hitushi lovers buck up your spirits!

My Hero Academia
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New Additions in Season 5

Undoubtedly, with each passing season, anime fans expect more and more action and thrill. You can feel assured about your expectations to be fulfilled with this season. Hence, it is being predicted that there will be an added spice to the action and progress of the characters.

This exceedingly addictive series has time and again proven to be rising its standards and satisfying its fans with each season, in fact, each new episode for some! It is safe to say that My Hero Academia Season 5 will sure be a level-up. Additionally, the captivating characters like Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugo, Ochaco Uraraka, and others will be blooming and shining as always.

So, let’s wait for season 4 to conclude and season 5 to air. Till then, stay tuned!