Tyler and Jaden Smith are Dating? Has Jaden Confirms LGBTQ? Check The Post and Know More.

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The news is, Jaden Smith, confirms that he is gay and also admits to being in a relationship with Tyler, the Creator. All these started when Tyler won his Grammy, and his boyfriend (Smith) congrats him through Tweet.

Tweeted Lines: Jaden Smith

“My Boyfriend Just Won A Grammy,” Smith tweeted on Sunday evening. Smith initially called Tyler his lover at Camp Flog Gnaw in November 2018. But, later, due to some courses, he re-affirmed his words. However, at that point, Tyler denied the case totally and ignore it.

Tyler’s Igor:

The 28-year-old rapper, Tyler, performed the big appearance at the 62nd yearly entertainment celebration at the Staples Center. The ceremony took place in Los Angeles on Sunday. The purpose of the pageant was to acknowledge the honor for Best Rap Album for Igor, to Tyler.

His mother was present and sharing the stage with him. But as Jaden was not present at the spot, so he yelled out his joy on twitter and wished the congratulations! He tweeted, “My beau Simply Gained A Grammy” in his mark promoted type.” 

Tyler and Jaden Smith
Tyler and Jaden Smith

At Camp Flog Naw, when the 20-year-old Jaden was leading a gathering through his proficiency at the competition, he confirms his LGBTQ. During the session, he referred to the audience, “I just need to state Tyler, and he’s my best old buddy on earth. I truly like him, so to such an extent.” On the next he runs through his emotions and admits the denial of the Creator.  According to Jaden, “Tyler would not wanna say, anyway, He is my beau, and he has been my sweetheart my whole life. It is valid! Tyler is my sweetheart.” The media grasp the news and spread all over the internet.

Though the Creator, has not accepted the relationship officially. So nothing can be said, whether it is a frank talk or about the love!

In the reply on Twitter, Tyler doesn’t mention any word of which we can confirm their relationship. He Tweeted, “Hahaha, you loopy man. I like young ladies; I get yourself their sibling each time.”


He reply means, according to Tyler, this is not the perfect time to discuss the matter. By saying about his sexuality, he shuts the rumors off. But still, it’s lingering in the air. Though in his tune ‘I Ain’t Obtained Time!’, it got a line ‘Woah’ I been kissing white young men since 2004.