Will and Jaden Smith Dead In A Car Accident? Really? Or Is It A Hoax? Here’s the Truth!


A piece of shocking news surfaced through social media this December.

Social media users all around the world began encountering a post proclaiming that actor Will Smith and his son, rapper Jaden Smith, had “died in a crash after a “car and truck collision.”

But it was later discovered that this post was a hoax, and neither Will nor Jaden Smith had died or been seriously injured in an automobile accident.

So their fans do not worry and can take a chill-pill.

When the users clicked on the posts to read more about it, they were directed to a rogue website that displayed a fake CNN video announcing the supposed “shocking” death of the Smiths (along with some other adult content).

The purpose of this hoax is believed to bait users into clicking to view the video as a means of driving them to malicious web pages.

Furthermore, it targeted to trick users into sharing the hoax post on social media to spread it further.

As the truth has been revealed, users are strongly advised not to visit the website that underlies this hoax post and not to click on anything displayed there.