My Hero Academia: Exclusive Metallic Deku Funko Pop released.


My Hero Academia has witnessed Midoriya working toward becoming the new “Symbol of Peace, Midori is following the shadow of his role model in All Might. On the other hand, an exclusive Funko Pop shows off the completely costumed level of Deku with a metallic glossy sheen. We know Izuku rarely wears his full costume, but his superhero suit is somewhat disturbing. In that suit, he attempted to mimic the Almighty smile with his mask on. He was looking more like The Maxx (Comic Book Creation), than a hero. A hero, who can set the citizens at ease, when he saves them.

My Hero Academia scene
Image Source – IMDb

More about My Hero Academia Funko Pop

Funko Pops may have relied on the characters within the medium of the anime to sell a few figures throughout these years. Along with that, the likes of One Piece, Dragon Ball Z, and Naruto are among the most successful franchises. With Funko diving deeply into the series of My Hero Academia with variations of characters both the heroes and the villains are the same. It is clear, that it is an anime franchise that was specifically made for these kinds of models. Midoriya has worn his full costume, a staggeringly low amount of times, throughout the anime. Mostly, a suit without the mask being worn and as disturbing as it is, you just can’t blame him.

DisFunko, Twitter User, shared the exclusive Midoriya Funko Pop that is currently available at FYE. It is showing off Deku’s full costume with a metallic sheen and retailing for around $15 US Dollar. It makes this a definite must-own for fans of both the anime and Funkos.

A scene from Season 4
Image Source – Den of Geek

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Midoriya is currently working along with his friends at class 1-A. The other heroes of the universe are in a war that is held against the new Villain Organisation of PLF(Paranormal Liberation Front).