My Hero Academia Season 5 confirmed: Delayed Release


After the successful hit from Season 1 to Season 4 and 2 movies, Studio Bones is going for My Hero Academia Season 5 (MHA website). The manga series, “My Hero Academia” has won the hearts of many countries. Apart from the series, Two movies have already released which touched skies. 

My Hero Academia Season 5 is renewed and officially confirmed. The renewal of season 5 was previously approved in April 2024. Yet, empty hands, we don’t have any official date of release. But we expect the release soon. Funimation, who is officially streaming My Hero Academia announced on Twitter about My Hero Season 5 renewal.

Release Delayed

After the successful airing of season 4 which ended in April 2024, the fifth season shortly announced on Funimation and My Hero Academia Anime official twitter handle. But the release of season 5 is postponed. The primary reason is COVID-19. Due to, coronavirus pandemic it was nearly impossible to produce season five. However, the production is still in motion.

However, the entertainment industry all over the world is suffering from the pandemic. So, many delays are yet to come. At least, the release of the anime is confirmed.


We all are eagerly waiting for the release of My Hero Academia: Season 5. We expect season 5 to get a release in early 2024 or by mid-2021. 

What will be the Plot of My Hero Academia Season 5?

My Hero Academia season 5’s plot will showcase Endeavor’s journey with his new Number One Superhero position. Along with his dealings to fix his relationship with his family. There will be more improvements with everybody’s advancement in U.A. High. Class 1-A contends with Class 1-B, and the show’s plot keeps on growing. Izuku Midoriya, in particular, will have some significant changes as the story progresses in Season 5.

A short teaser has been released, which is, in a way promising for fans. We are expecting it to be the best of all the seasons. There is no confirmation for the release date. But, if we look at the pattern in duration between new season releases, we can safely expect season 5 to come out in 2024. Good news, people!

Well, apart from them we have a good news too. The first of the two OVAs are done and is under the dubbing process. 

Cast of the Season 5

  • Izuku Midoriya
  • Katsuki Bakugo
  • Shouto Todoroki
  • Tenya Ida
  • Ochako Uraraka
  • Momo Yaoyorozu
  • Tsuyu Asui

Well, show makers have not officially released the cast list. It will deep freeze time, because there is no announcement. Makers have already made the teaser, but the release of the trailer is still pending.

That’s all the latest updates on “My Hero Academia: Season 5”. We hope that we have informed you well about the updates of the series.

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