My Hero Academia Chapter 274: Know Recent Updates Here


In the last chapter of My Hero Academia, Fat gum notices Tsukuyomi carrying unconscious Hawks in his arms. He then follows them into the woods. The upcoming episode of the Anime, My Hero Academia Chapter 274, is seriously going to be an intense one. Meanwhile, Cementoss is helped by a hero to break through the Iceman’s ice, and the battle at the Gunga Mountain continues. Heroes follow Mt. Lady as she gets back up and takes her revenge from Geten Iceman as he attacked earlier. They were being controlled by Himiko Tonga using her Quirk and started cutting each other.

Izuku and Katsuki
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This article will mainly be a discussion regarding the details of the My Hero Academia Chapter 274. All the recent updates, including the release date, recap, and spoilers will be covered here. Hence, you are already warned about the spoilers that this post will be containing.

My Hero Academia Chapter 274 Release Date

The release date of the upcoming episode of the anime has been officially announced. Fans will be glad to know that Chapter 274 will be released on Sunday, June 7, 2024. You will be getting a new chapter every Sunday in late Japanese time as all the episodes are released every week. However, time differences can be an issue due to which it may be released during the daytime on Sunday in some countries.

What happened till now?

Even after trying hard to push back the decay, Izuku failed and ended up turning everything it touches into dust. Burnin, to escape with the civilians, asks everyone to move back and also to get help from the Hospital Raid team but fails.

My Hero Academia
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Shigaraki realizes why he is awoken and calls Gigantomachia to bring everyone to the city so that he can destroy everything. Dabi asks Mr. Compress about the others and gets an answer that Mr. Compress is a lieutenant, and he was not there the whole time.