Ellen Pompeo makes Shocking revelations about Grey’s Anatomy

Doctor Meredith Grey has departed the show and now is making some comments about her working experience.

Ellen Pompeo is an accomplished American actress with several memorable roles over the years. However, She is most renowned for portraying Dr. Meredith Grey on the hit medical drama Grey’s Anatomy. The show has been a success since its inception in 2005. Now, 15 years and Eleven seasons later, Ellen had made some startling revelations about how she felt in the work environment of the show.

Her name has been synonymous with the show with appearances in over Three Hundred and Sixty episodes. Although she has left the show, the show hasn’t left her tail. News bits about Grey’s Anatomy have followed her, and she’s in the news again.

Ellen Pompeo Media
Ellen Pompeo has spoken up about the fact that it wasn’t all roses on the sets of our beloved show.

What’s the issue with the show?

In an impromptu interview to Vanity Fair, Ellen has talked about how it was a difficult proponent to work on sets on the medical drama. She even went on to say that it was a “toxic workplace” for her. However, she had to keep working because she loved the fans and she had to financially sustain herself.

Interestingly, these complaints have been a regular for the show and actors.

Patrick Dempsey is a name popular in the Hollywood circles, but for some wrong reasons. The actor has held a reputation of being “difficult to work with” and “a problem” in previous endeavors as well. Dempsey plays the part of Doctor Derek Sheperd, who’s supposed to be the romantic opposite for, you guessed it, Dr. Meredith Grey. Reminder that Patrick has also exited the show in the meantime.

Even while not naming names, Ellen Pompeo is rumored to have been talking about her co-actor. She addressed the problems of a bad workplace culture, not only as a victim but possibly as a contributor. Also, during an Ellen show interview, she claimed how the show has taken strides to become a better workplace for young actors.

The ABC Network‘s most popular soap will move on and so will the talented actress.

We as audiences will always demand that the level of content remains high and a safe and happy working environment will ensure that the actors can do their best.

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