Grey’s Anatomy season 17 Return Scene: What They Are Thinking Of, Will They Return?


Grey’s Anatomy season 16 just renewed on April 9, 2024. The end of season 16 made us think about the renewal of Grey’s Anatomy season 17. Here is what you should know about the renewal of another season.

Well, we all are aware of the condition of season 16, and we all know that they have faced many things. Initially, it is said that season 16 will be released with 25 episodes, but due to coronavirus and its lockdown, they have to make it shorter. And So in April, they arrived with dramatic 21 episodes.

Now the fact is the audience is worried about the renewal for season 17. Also, they have ended in such a way that we get to come upon with this question.

What is Grey’s Anatomy?


Grey’s Anatomy is a popular medical drama show with many seasons till now. It has a total of 16 seasons, and the last one was just released in the starting of this month(April 2024). ABC has released the previous season of Grey’s Anatomy.

Ellen Pompeo is the star of Grey’s Anatomy. She had a contract of one season after the completion of the 15th season. So the audience is worried about the renewal of the show. But the audience should know that she extended her contract. Yes, yes, here are the details.

Will there be another season of Grey’s Anatomy?

Yes, there are so many chances and hints we are left with, that we can assume them to come up with season 17. As I told you that Ellen Pompeo had extended her contract with another season, so this can be one reason.

And the main hint which confirmes the renewal of season 17 is, the creator of series has announced another season of it.

He announced about the renewal of season 17 before, season 16 released. So there is big yes for another season of Grey’s Anatomy.

When will season 17 release?

Well, before this year, they have released all of the season in September. But this year is too hard to announced or say anything for season 17. According to us, there is a 0% chance of the renewal of the new season this year. So we have to wait until another announcement, and we can expect it after the issue of coronavirus.

Also, there is nothing come out as a trailer or teaser of season 17. Here is the trailer of season 16 for you.

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How to watch Grey’s Anatomy?

There are some choices separated by many countries. If you are in Uk, then you can watch season 1 to 17 on Amazon Prime Videos.

You can also stream season 16 on Hulu in the US and online at

And another option is you can stream season 1 to 15 on Netflix. There will be season 16 on Netflix soon.

So wait for the announcement of season 17 and stay tuned with us for more details.