Grey’s Anatomy: The Pandemic Situation Will Not Be Shown Only In A Negative Light!

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Grey’s Anatomy Season 17 establishment of the real world’s COVID-19 pandemic will not be all about death and despair, says showrunner Krista Vernoff. Here’s everything to know.

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Being a guest on THR’s TV’s Top 5 podcast on, Vernoff was questioned if COVID-19 would. In some form, be a Big Bad for the doctors to deal with, or just a new part of their lives that exists alongside ordinary drama. It sort of sits somewhere within the middle, she previewed, depending on the episode.

A factor in Season 17 storytelling, Vernoff said, There’s joy and pleasure to have in people who are isolating away from the hospital. It is mainly for the doctors who, to protect loved ones, crash elsewhere between shifts. As we have seen in reality, many of these doctors aren’t going home to their families. They’re getting Airbnbs and living together, noted by Vernoff.

Further, she added that there’s a lot of stories to tell that’s COVID-related but not about death and despair.

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Delay of The Grey’s Anatomy

Vernoff also denoted out there are storytelling chances when it comes to the cancellation or delay of elective surgeries. Both in how that may lead to operational nurses being dismissed due to shortage of work, or in Dr. Grey & Co. not getting to do what they do best. He said that the show is operational, the EP reminded. There are plenty of operations that are only not happening.

Further, he said, What’s more, there are medical stories to be found within the fact that death has increased in this country. It mainly because people were in the early months of illness. They are still afraid to go to the doctor, afraid to go to the hospital.

When Grey’s boss reached out to the medical community at the start of the pandemic to observe if there was a vital message, she could tweet out. The recommendations have come to the doctor the first symptom of stroke or the first symptom of a heart attack. She shared because people weren’t going, and they were dying.