Elon Musk Baby Name: Full Explanation About X Æ A-12 And Fan Reactions


Recently on May 4, 2024(Monday), our geeky man Elon Musk and her girlfriend Grimes welcomed their first baby child. But In the rime of happiness everyone is shocked by his decision about the baby’s name.

Initially, Elon announced about his child on twitter, he wrote that “Mom & baby all good.” after that Social media was a full house on this topic that everyone was wishing him. Then a person with @Gaelic_Neilson name asked him about the name of the baby.

And Today, Elon “announced” the baby’s name on Twitter (as a reply to that person, obviously), claiming it’s X Æ A-12 Musk.

Elon-Musk-baby-name source: twitter

Image of Elon Musk’s baby

Well the very first image of this baby was quite interesting. Elon photoshopped the first photo and posted it in the reply section.

We can say that he made this photo to make sure the privacy of the baby. But it doesn’t satisfy any of his fans. So just after some hours he uploaded a cute photo of his child. Which is:

Well there are many fans who don’t even know that the child is a boy or girl. So he also clarifies that the child is a boy! He done a tweet to cleary it:

What does Elon Musk’s baby’s name mean (according to fan theory)?

We all got surprised after hearing the name of baby child of Elon Musk. He named as “X Æ A-12”. Before we got the original theory of this name many fans shared their theory on this name.

Elon also liked one theory which stands as “X Ash Archangel.” “Æ” is pronounced as “ash,” and “Archangel” is supposed to be a codename of his CIA’s A-12 aircraft.

Grimes shared the original meaning

She said the meaning, ”

•X, the unknown variable

•Æ, my elven spelling of Ai (love &/or Artificial intelligence) •A-12 = precursor to SR-17 (our favorite aircraft). No weapons, no defenses, just speed. Great in battle, but non-violent + (A=Archangel, my favorite song) (metal rat)

So the man who always talked about science also named his baby name as a combination of different science combination.

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We hope best for him and wish him the best. This is it for now. Stay tuned for more.